Friday, 19 August 2011

Billy and Harvey come to Visit.

I couldn't resist taking this photo of Squirmy one of our resident cats posing in the long grass. He has lived at the shelter for 7 years, he was an ex factory cat and the business closed down leaving him homeless. One eyed Squirmy  has always been too tempermanetal to home but he enjoys the freedom of the shelter and a fuss off the staff (when he feels like it!)

One of the pound collies has been claimed, this has to be a first! He IS a  farm dog, 8 yrs old and his real name is Jim(I had called him Joe) I will be sorry to see him go , he is a really nice dog but I have mentioned to the farmer that if he retires him or doesn't want him any more that I will have him.You never know!One of our volunters has brought in a heavily  pregnant cat this morning belonging to one of her neighbours.This is the cats fourth pregnancy.Why oh why do people not get their animals neutered?  I would like these irresponsible people to come and work here for a week answering the telephone and caring for all the unwanted kittens! To add insult to injury this neighbour has now left her flat and abandoned her pregnant cat. Is this the way she will go through her life, showing no responsiibility or commitment?  I wish I had the answer and more importantly the solution to this behaviour because that apathetic attitude will show itself in many ways throughout her life and it will not just be animals which bear the brunt of it. If only it could be stamped out early in  the lives of such people. if only......

Today old Nell the 12 yrs collie has gone on trial to two ladies who wanted a companion for their 11 yrs old dog.I just hope the two dogs will get along.That is why occasionally I will allow a dog to go on trial, sometimes the resident dog will take umbrage at the interloper in his/her home and the only way to find that out is if the dogs are together in the home.  I am keeping my fingers crossed for her,it will be a wonderful home if it works out so Nell please behave!
It has been a day for reunions - two of our rescued dogs have been back to see us and how lovely it is to see them looking so happy and well,I just love seeing them again. The first to pay us a visit was Billy the staffordshire bull terrier, he was a Dog Pound rescue and his photo and story was seen in our LLandudno shop window 18 months ago by holidaymakers Dennis and Margaret who had just lost their old Staffie. They fell in love with Billy and he is a much loved part of their family in Stoke. Here they are with the greatly adored Bruiser Bill!
Then in the afternoon we were visited by terrier Harvey Moon and his owner but I did not have my camera handy to snap them unfortunately. Harvey looked wonderful, a happy and contented little dog, just what I like to see. I know I am always saying this but it means so much to see our animals again and we are very lucky that so many people do keep in touch with us.

Just look at this adorable litter of feral kittens.They could almost be saying"We are fierce so keep your distance' In actual fact we managed to cuddle all three almost immediately , who can blame then being scared of big noisy humans? These three had been born to a feral mum but she was taking them in to a busy garage premises and the staff were scared that they would be run over. I was very pleased that an enquiry was also made about catching mum and having her spayed.Veronica has dropped off a cat trap at the premises so with a bit of luck  there will soon  be at least one cat in Caernarfon which will be breeding no more unwanted babies.
The situation with unwanted cats and kittens is frightening. I feel quite helpless most of the time.With all our pens full and all our cat foster homes brimming over with mother cats and kittens  I dread answering the telephone.What can I say, what help can I offer when there is no other cat sanctaury in the area? It is a hopeless dilemma.

We have had to have the vet and Dentist Andre out to Freddie Kruger who is at his summer grazing with his pal Callie. Fred has lost weight which with all the lush grass was clearly not right. Cariad who has been checking on him was  worried there was something underlying wrong with Freddie and  after Andres visit we know that he is no longer able to masticate the grass due to his teeth having worn away quite badly and so he will now have to have several meals of hard feed daily. This poses a problem with him not being at the shelter and I am afraid his days of summer holidays are over, this will be his last trip abroad(well to Caernarfon actually!) To be able to monitor his diet correctly he will have to be at the shleter where staff can control his food more efficiently.Above is pic of him last year when his teeth were still working well.

We have so many old horses and ponies now, I took this photo of Tangy and Blue who are both in their late thirties.I have just checked Tangys record and he is 37  now. The oldest horse I have had was  in Liverpool, ex riding school horse Romney was 45 years of age when he died.
That is a great age for a horse, not quite old enough to be an entry in the Guiness Book of Records but still pretty ancient. I remember a couple of years ago seeing  a photo in a local paper of a Welsh pony aged 54. Amazing.

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