Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Book is a little nearer to being published.

Just a very short blog today as getting ready to go away for two days.I have an appointment with publishing company  re publishing book. It may be remembered that I decided to self publish because of being asked to lose the real story of the charity. I did not want to write a fluffy book of  cute animal tales.It has to be real or I dont want to do it at all. All is ready now, just collating the photos, I am so sad that so many photos have been lost over the years,I have so few of 'the old days' at Freshfields. It just MAY be out by Christmas, heres hoping it will be ready in  time.

Max has been reserved today and will be going Friday. Then Rosie can foster another!
Wonder of wonders, there has been an enquiry about an adult cat, the lady sounded very nice. She wants Eva a 3 yrs old cat.I would love to come back to find she has been adopted. That would be really great.

I will be back blogging on saturday.

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