Saturday, 20 August 2011

Bad Weather but A Good Day.

What a horrible day.It has been pouring with rain and blowing a gale. Great weather for ducks if we had any! All the animals are unhappy being out in this and we have just brought the horses in early, they were all waiting impatiently at the gates to their various fields, they had had enough, you could see it in their expressions. Know how they feel.
In spite of the appalling weather we have homed Marley the last collie to be admitted. He has gone to live near Wrexham with another lovely collie Ellie, and her humans .The two dogs really got on well together and make a lovely pair. That brightened up the day for Mei and me who are soaked to the skin!
The pregnant mum cat has been collected by Mion who will foster her until her babies are born and old enough to be put up for adoption. IN exchange we took in 4 of the kittens she had been fostering and who are now ready for homing.  What can we do to find homes for all thes lovely kittens? Please spread the word around friends and relatives , surely there must be some homes out there or will we end up keeping them all until they grow into adults? I fear this will be the case.
I have just received two lovely telephone calls. The first came from Angie in Milton Keynes.Angie and her husband adopted a cross labrador from us early int he year, she was a difficult dog, not good with strangers but they persevered and they think the world of her now, we are kept informed about her exploits regularly and it si a real pleasure to hear that Jess is doing so well.they ahve put a great deal of effort into training her but as they say it has been so worthwhile now that she is improving all the time.They would not part with her for anythingThat is so good to hear.
The second call came from the couple who took Toby the Jack russell rescued from a Dog Pound. They tell me they have had one and a half days of fun and enjoyment with him! He is already much  adored and is marvellous with the old cat and their daughters Retriever. We are so grateful to the kind people who adopt our animals and  when we receive thanks for allowing them  to adopt one of our pets, it is truly cheering.
The Day has improved already!

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