Friday, 5 August 2011

Where are all these terriers coming from?

What a couple of days it has been, one of those times when I wish I was a million miles away sunning myself on a beach - cold drink in my hand , a book in the other(or rather a Kindle as I was bought one for my birthday)and nothing to do other than lounge about!
Now back to reality. There has been a major upset here between myself and a member  of staff.It is a small  shelter and we are all fairly close to one another but sometimes differences of opinion and the way these opinions are put forward  can cause the equilibrium to falter.This time it didnt just falter but vanished totally. Working here can sometimes be a joy and the animals can bring much fun into daily work but there are other times when I wouldn't wish this life on my worst enemy(on second thoughts yes I would!) and this has been one of those times. Hopefully the disappeared equilibrium will soon be restored to its usual state but I think it will require much discussion before this will occur.
Anyway on to more positive issues though with a negative side too I;m afraid) Huey Jack russell and Bailey collie(a recent admittance) are both leaving us tomorrow for their new places though there are two more newies. Monty (left)was found on a busy road, he is terrified of his own shadow and cowers when anyone goes near him.This poor little white  terrier shakes with fear which makes my blood boil at whoever caused him to have this reaction to people. He has worn a collar at some time so he has come from a  home but of course nobody has reported him missing. The other new arrival is a Jack russell puppy found abandoned in a skip near Porthmadog! Still with his baby teeth, he is no more than 16 weeks ; he is a dear dainty little dog and fairly unperturbed by his ordeal. though he too has a tendency to cower.What was this little pup doing in a skip? He certainly would have been unable to climb or jump in himself , he is far too small. (His photo makes him look larger  and older than he actually is ) I have named him Tim as in Tiny Tim and he is in the house with my dogs, he has fitted in extremely well with them and Paddy just looked at him and went back to sleep!

The Liverpool shelter is willing to take on Gorgeous George so I now have to try and arrange for him to be taken there where he will join the other FIV cats in a  special enclosure. If anyone is making a trip to Liverpool from Wales or vice versa and can help please let me know.

Volunteer Kim is now working officially  for Freshfields part time and her happy personality offsets my miserable one!!  Mind you there was so much going on  here today she laughingly said that she had just started and was handing her notice in - well at least I hope she was joking. Most days are reasonably normal here but every now and again we have a manic one, like today ,.it was just unfortunate that it was Kims first day.Not the best day to start! Carwyn has spent his final day here and we will miss the extra help but wish him well in the future.

Now I am going to walk my own dogs , make something to eat and have an early night.Tomorrow is another day.(I wonder who thought that one up? )

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kim said...

I do hope any upset can be sorted quickly as life is just too short, and as for my Quitting on my first day...Nooooooo.Im a tough old Bird and it would take more than that to scare me away from the needy animals at Freshfields hahahah.I enjoy my time there and have made friends too so im afraid you are well and truly stuck with me.