Thursday, 25 August 2011

(Almost) The Great Escape.

I have a new friend in my living room - Wally is a 13 years old yorkshire terrier whose owner  has died. Poor little dog, he is very bewildered but he gets on fine with other dogs so mine have accepted him with no trouble at all. Normally I would have kept him but I am taking on a  collie from the Liverpool shelter.Rory is agaraphobic and has to be forced out for a walk, he has been at the shelter for three years and it is unlikely he will ever get a home so as sooon as my garden fence has been reinforced,he will be coming to live with me permanently. I think that  Wally will be happier in a quieter home than mine so I shall start advertising him straight away.

New cat Molly is a lovely pale ginger and white and was brought in because the owners dog was trying to attack her all the time! She is very appealing, she will probably be the next cat to be adopted.There are so many gorgeous young cats here, look at these two black brothers.Tom and Jerry who were initially in a foster home and then admitted for rehoming.They are so loveable but are still here two months on! I have just remembered I had promised to do a general poster for cats in need of homes for people to download off our website and then distribute. It completely slipped my mind so I will make a note to do this tomorrow. I have notes everywhere reminding me to do certain jobs but half the time I lose the notes too!

We almost had a disaster when rabbits. Tilly and Lucy almost escaped from their hutch when the floor collapsed. Fortunately for us (and ultimately for them)they were found just as they were preparing to make a break for freedom through the bottom of their hutch. This is no place for bunnies to be roaming free, far too many predators about. I had to buy them a new house quickly but all the rabbit hutches I looked at were so flimsy and inadequate that there was no way they were built to last. I also noticed that very few had an overhang on the roof so if it rained there would be little protection for the buns inside. I ended up buying a chicken coop! Perhaps because hens need protection against marauding and hungry foxes, they are built to stronger specifications but don't rabbits need this  protection too? all the hutches I looked at could be knocked over so easily, I wonder why they are made this way, they are not cheap either! MInd you neither was this but at least it is sturdily made.
We have had some donations of cat food today, I am very grateful for these donations, our cat food bill is astronomical and the extra food really helps keep our expenditure down.Keep it coming!
I have just spotted Mei running for shelter (run Forrest, Run!) there has been a torrential sudden downpour and the sky has gone very dark. Another early night for the horses methinks. 

I have been trying to think of more fundraising events and had been considering doing something at the shelter for Halloween in October . The trouble is I have never ever attended any event for Halloween and so have no idea what would draw people and their children in to this kind of event. I would be glad of opinions and ideas.I am unsure yet whether it is a viable idea but I have to think of something to bring extra funds in. If only I had a creative side to me this sort of thing would be much easier for me to contemplate. We will be holding a Christmas Fair in Porthmadog but this year I would like to also hold one in LLandudno so have to find a venue and helpers  for that. As Rhian would say, tongue in cheek "Its all such a Ghastly Nightmare! It certainly is. When I started doing animal rescue I  definitely did not envisage that I would end up organising fundraisers and doing office work most days. I had a nice image of being with the animals all the time.How wrong I was. Oh well too late now to stop. I started so I'll finish!

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