Monday, 22 August 2011

A Very Neglected Cat is Admitted.

Yesterday afternoon we had a cat admitted which was in a very poor state. A very pretty but elderly pale tortoishell female, she was very thin and had a large wound on her side which was full of maggots.UGH! Thankfully it is very rare for us to admit animals with these and I showed Sue (holding the cat)how to get rid  of them.We use  a hairdryer directed at the spot which makes them wriggle to the surface and clean out the wound with hibiscrub. Mei and Sue did it between them, a very unpleasant job but far worse for the cat which would have been suffering from its unwanted guests. Apart from this infestation she was full of tapeworms which is likely to be why she is so thin.Today she went to the Vet and she thought , as we did, that this cat is around 12 - 13 years old, she badly needs a dental also which she will have once she has gained a little strength. We have named her Lottie.

Mei has been very distressed today, Ella, one of her chihuahuas who was on medication for a heart problem, died at the Vets this morning. Although we are all used to animals passing away, it is always harder when that animal is one of our own beloved pets. This past year several of the staff have  lost one of their own own dogs so we can all empathise with Meis grief.

I have been to our charity shop in Machynlleth today.The main reasons were to erect the new Freshfields sign and to take a memorial plaque for manager Elinor whose husband Gareth died not long ago.We all wanted something to remember him by, he was such a great help in the shop and now there is something tangible to show for our appreciation of his support to Freshfields over the years . Elinor is seen here in the doorway and her son is just putting the finishing touches to the sign.  I always enjoy a visit to this shop, apart from seeing Elionor of course, I come back loaded with books to read!
After saying goodbye to them it was off to a farm  in that area to collect Patch, a 5 years old sheepdog who is not interested in working, he just wants to be with people and have a fuss made of him. I was more than happy to oblige. He is a really good looking collie and once all his matted coat has been dealt with, he will be a stunner. He is one of several we have admitted from this farm . I prefer to stay friendly and help the dogs and even though I am often tempted to say something I refrain from doing so. It is the welfare of the animal which is the most important issue here. isn't he beautiful? Volunteer Kim has offered to foster this one so I am just waiting for her to arrive.

Tiny Tim  the JR pup has left us again and this time I hope for his sake that it will be for good, I hate it when they are returned and each time it happens the animal becomes more and more bewildered. I am really hoping that I have chosen the right home for him this time.It is a great responsibility choosing where an animal is to spend its life and when it fails to work out, I begin to question my intuition and my ability to match the right pet with the right owner.  Fingers crossed for Tim everyone!

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kim said...

Oh so sorry to Mei on loosing her pet friend, Big hugs Mei xxxxxxx im sorry for your loss.