Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Law According to Defra,

The cat adoptions are improving, we have had 2 pairs of cats go out over the past few days and 2 more reserved though I have just had a call about a lady who has 18 cats she needs to get rid of!. Nicky has been round there today as it is close to her home and the situation is bad, there are kittens everywhere and some are very timid having not been handled much. The neighbours are all up in arms at the number of cats roaming and breeding and it seems she has been offered help previously but failed to take it up. I have suggested Nicky takes those youngsters which are still able to be domesticated, the others are going to require careful assessment and we will have to help little by little or until she kicks us into touch(which sounds likely judging by prior incidents)There are still many cats in desperate need of our help which have been waiting for places here and  it is becoming apparent that our help is just a drop in the ocean. What a nightmare it is!
Pictured here are two of the many cats from this home and these are just the the ones which stood still for a photo! Oh well , at least this year there has only been one big multicat recsue, in previous years we have dealt with far more though we often had the space then.Now we are better known we seldom have the facilities to take in large numbers at one time. As I write this we have had late visitors who have reserved two kittens so things are really looking up.heres hoping this run of adoptions continues,it is a morale boost  for the staff as well as being good for the animals and of course making precious room for  other needy felines.
 I want to put in for grants for the proposed new cattery but am held up with regard to  the plans which have been held in abeyance for some time pending the new animal welfare regulations which are reputed to be bringing animal shelters under the same jurisdiction as boarding establishments.The problem is that neither Defra nor the Council seem to be sure when this comes into being and it is information I need before I can get estimates for the work.I cant get estimates if I dont know what size I am meant to be building the pens or when this legislation becomes legal(or if it ever will?) Is it just pie in the sky and will we still be waiting for it a decade ahead? Do I really need to alter my (expensive) plans and get more done or will it be really necessary? I am in a quandary about it.

Missy the great dane /husky has been admitted,I have never seen a dog less like either breed though I have to admit that occasionally I can see something a little Dane like in her profile, might be the slobbery jowls! Perhaps one of her parents was a cross Dane? She is the size of a tall collie, very sweet natured and it has to be said not in the best condition,Her coat is very dull and she is underweight and to top it all she  is in season. That is a nuisance because I had her booked in to be spayed on Thursday so that will now have to be cancelled.I did ask the owner if her dog  was in season and was assured she was definitely NOT! Oh well, what do I expect.Should be used to it by now.Perhaps she did not understand how to recognise if a bitch is in season or not!

Is everyone as horrified as me about Defras disinterest in proseceuting the wicked slaughterhouse workers filmed torturing the animals they are supposed to be humanely destroying? Well all I can say is that this behaviour has always occurred, lets face it you would have to be pretty well desensitised to work in such a place.Nevertheless this open admittance by the  body which is supposed to be in charge of welfare issues  in farm animals has been a big let  down. Apparently they cannot do anything because the workers were not aware that they were being filmed!!!!!! Have you ever heard anything so absurd?  That means therefore, that anyone can do anything, murder even and be filmed doing it but unless the filming is done with  the knowledge of the perpetrator  they will  get away with it!! Amazing.Or is it just  the poor  defenceless animals that this law applies to?Or is it just  Defra law? I am disgusted that such evil can go on in this country and that it is swept under the carpet time and time again. We call ourselves a civilised society.I dont think so.

Sorry for the Rant, haven't had a really good one for a while and this issue has truly made my blood boil.

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kim said...

oh my word that cat ,the first one is so beautiful.is that a kitten or full grown adult do you know? I hope the adoptions continue for you x