Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A Cry for Help From Cyprus.

Although there has not yet been time to discuss our problems I feel that the storm has blown over with myself and staff member. Good Friendships thankfully transcend the occasional disagreement no matter how serious it appears at the time. I dislike atmospheres and even more I dislike those who brood and harbour grudges  and neither of us are of that temperament so all is well again.
Another kitten has been found abandoned and has joined the ever growing number of homeless but beautiful felines in our care. Pictured here is are the latest arrivals, the pretty little  abandoned tabby and two kittens which Mion had been fostering.She brought in the four on Sunday and two have already been adopted which will I'm sure bring a smile to her face. Tabby has slightly runny eyes and is squinting a little because she had just had eye drops inserted.
It has been a good day today for helpers. One of our best volunteers came in today.Heather is a  full time nurse so is so busy (and tired probably) that she only manages to come in  once a month . We do have another girl coming soon for three weeks under a Government scheme which is great, the extra volunteers mean that lots of extra jobs can get done.

Everyone seems to be talking about the riots going on in London and other cities.It makes for very uncomfortable reading and the scenes on the television are dreadful but I wonder is anyone like me and worrying also  about the animals caught up in it.The noise must be terrifying for animals living nearby! Bonfire night is bad enough!
It would be lovely to watch the news or read a newspaper and learn about wonderful things happening in the world. Nowadays I dread hearing about yet another disaster or tragedy. Good news clearly does not sell newspapers!
I have just heard of  a dog in Cyprus needing a home over here, she has her passport and papers and will be ready to leave the country in September. There will be those who think that we have enough homeless dogs here without bringing over animals from other countries and they are quite right.However, as one who visited Cyprus and had a ruined holiday due to the abuse of many animals in that country I would wholeheartedly back anyone who plans to send a dog or cat over here  from there  or any another mediterranean country. I will never forget the terrible living conditions they had and the way strays are treated is  abominable.
Years ago I brought 12 cats over from Cyprus to England and many people stopped speaking to me because they believed I was wasting money! Well as the money was mine.I think I was entitled to spend it how I wanted and I wanted to save those cats from poisoning which was to be their fate.I had been feeding and caring for those strays and when I found out what was to be their fate I could not leave them behind.Call me foolish(and many will) but I do not regret it for one minute .Therefore I will be doing everything in my power to help that dog in Cyprus.She is a Basenji called Gypsy and out of the dogs this lady June has rescued, she is the only one who does not have a home to go to. I hope that someone will offer her a permanent home but if not I will beg one of my foster people to help out!
An animal in need is exactly that no matter where it is located.

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