Thursday, 4 August 2011

Gorgeous George Deserves a Chance.

Firstly, in answer to Kim, the attractively marked tabby in the last blog  is just 8 weeks old! He is almost feral but young enough to domesticate which is why he will be the first to come in.
On her way in to work Veronica has collected a cat from an Anglesey Vet practice, he was taken in there as a  suspected victim of a road accident.As it transpired he was simply a very neglected animal , he has also tested positive for FIV(Feline Aids) As supporters of Freshfields will know we do not condemn such a  cat to death unless it really is in such a bad way that it would be kinder to have the last trip to the Vet.Many Fiv cats live happily for many more years after their diagnosis and as long as they are not in direct contact with other cats (unless they too have the same virus) it is usually possible to find homes for them. Gorgeous George, as we have named him (the vets named him UGLY!!)will be given a fighting chance with us. I wanted to call him after one of my favourite actors- George Clooney and Rhian thinks George Michael is better looking  so we compromised on calling him Gorgeous George and then we both think it is our personal choice!

It is hard to know with a stray whether the poor condition is due to a virus or the result of months scavenging  so some time needs to be spent trying to build him up, the first job today was to get rid of the many fleas living on him. If he fails to respond to nurturing then we will make the decision to let him go, for now he is enjoying the deluxe meal set out for him and is mercifully free from the fleas which were causing him so much irritation. He is such a loving animal and seems to be glad of the comfort we are giving him.Poor old man.

Today has been a very chaotic day which means that once again it was time for the Farrier to visit. With so many horses to be checked and feet to be trimmed it takes up the best part of a day. Most of the ponies were fine but Dids (pictured on right)has had to be shod on her front feet, her feet were tender and this is the best option for her. Big William also has had this done and both will stay indoors for a few days until their feet are better. We use a product called Farriers formula for horses with tender feet and this is mixed in daily with  food. Most of the equines at the shelter are on supplements for one problem  or another, it is a very expensive business caring for horses, and shelter animals so often arrive with existing health issues which have not been treated.
Left are Ross and Blue with Grandad in the background.. Ross was a childrens riding pony but is retired here and is now in his late thirties. Blue is 18 years of age(I always get them mixed up, they are so alike)He was one of the unfortunate ponies which had their health ruined  by their owner who thought she was caring for them in the correct way.No matter what advice she was given she chose to ignore it to the detriment of all 8 ponies.Blue was one of the better  off ones as he only had infected and overgrown hooves, however he has early signs of liver failure and is on permanent medication.
Also pictured here is our new work experience volunteer Carwyn who lives in Manchester but is staying with a relative locally and  has chosen to work here at the shelter. His help has been very useful especially on a day like this with so much going on. You will probably recognise Rosie from previous photos if not from her avant garde choice of necklace! Will this be taken up by local fashionistas I wonder ? Could string be the new Pearl? Even little Titch shetland looks a little bemused at the sight of Rosie as the Freshfields  Style Queen.

People have backed out of having little Huey Jack russell.We have no idea why, after doing their homecheck which passed, they just  refused to answer our calls to find out when they were collecting him! If only they had told us they had changed their minds.During that time I turned two others away who wanted him and they did not leave their contact details as they were going to another shelter straight away. Presumably they found a pet as neither rang back.Then another couple came to see him today but they have not reserved him so Huey is still homeless, hes a happy little dog so it should not be too long before he is adopted .It is all the matter of finding the right person and making the right match.Sometimes it takes a while but is worth it in the end to find the right placement for an animal.

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