Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Sheep Have Their Feet Trimmed

We have had two dogs returned this week,Old Nell the 12 yrs old collie came back because she was howling when the people went out and neighbours complained, and Tiny Tim the Jack russell pup (pictured here sharing Padys bed)was too nippy with a visiting child.Both have other people interested in them so watch this space for further news.
Missy the cross Great Dane(?) is leaving us this weekend and several cats and kittens have been adopted too so it is not too bad on the rehoming front at the moment.Long may it last!
As I had  expected I am receiving more and more calls asking me to help with horses that people can no longer afford to keep , if only I had the land, staff and funding I would help them all. esterday someone wanted to find homes for three, today someone needs help with 7! 
One of the most difficult jobs I have is telling people I am unable to help , my mind races ahead and I can envisage what lies ahead for the unfortunate animal. Of course I tell myself over and over again that I cannot help them all but it still doesn't help. It is something everyone involved in animal rescue has to face  and I am just thankful I am not doing this work abroad where the conditions are so bad and the attitude of people far worse than in the Uk. Those are the people who have my greatest admiration, they see  terrible things, far worse than I ever do and yet they still carry on doing their utmost to help. That is why I am trying to find a home for the dog In Cyprus Pictured here at the rescuers home.)There has been one enquiry so far but she wanted him house trained!
The reality  is that no dog from there will be house trained, it is custom to keep dogs outside,Gypsy will have had no experience of being in a house but then the collies we have here are in the same situation and  it is seldom we have one returned for that reason. The people adopting them are aware that they will ned to be patient and they take them on knowing this and dealing with it.
I have tried the Basenji forum but again there has been no response.I had thought someone into the breed would have shown interest!
Never having 'met' a Basenji I have no idea of their foibles and characteristics other than the fact they dont bark(I think they do make some sort of noise)If anyone has  a facebook page maybe they could spread the word about this poor dog.
We have been asked to help with a situation with 18 cats, all are breeding profusely and they are in very poor condition as they never get taken to a vet.The grey and white mum shown here is a loving sweet natured  cat who came in with three identical babies(all homed)Some of the kittens from this same place are being fostered and nursed back to health by supporter and fosterer Nicky and we have started  to make inroads into spaying the adults.
The pale ginger is a stray which has been scavenging for food for at least two months, he is absolutely adorable, a real charmer of a cat though he is glaring at me taking the photo.Dont be misled by that glare! He was just wanting me to put some food in his bowl and clearly thought
I had my priorites wrong! Whoever adopts these two cats will have found themselves great companions.

Chloe, our oldest sheep who is around 8 years of age, has been limping so the girls, Vanessa and Rosie decided she needed her feet trimming. The other sheep were huddled in a corner with worried looks on their faces." Are we going to be next, those women seem to be doing somthing really horrible to poor Chloe? Im sure that is what they were thinking.
Well they WERE next so all have now had their feet trimmed and at the same time were treated with an anti maggot preparation. Thats what Rosie is holding, she thinks she looks like a paramedic On Casualty!  Mary the last little lamb rescued has really palled up with the Handsome Jacobs and poor Chloe is always on the edge of the group. We have a new rescued lamb arriving this week, perhaps she will make friends with him?  I think Chloe misses her brother Bertie who died last year and it would be lovely for her to make a new friend.

Our washing machine has given up the ghost,has anyone an old one in good  working order  they would like to donate to the shelter?


john mike said...

paddy sharing his bed with tiny tim.its not a fair share by the looks of it.distic

von said...

Separation anxiety is a test for a dedicated dog owner. Is it worth having an advice page on the website on how to deal with it? I'd be happy to share my story - 10 very difficult months with my very anxious Patterdale cross- but with a happy ending.

kim said...

The Basenji is alert, affectionate, energetic and curious. It loves to play and makes a good pet, as long as it is handled regularly from an early age. It is very intelligent, responds well to training with a strong desire to please. They can be reserved with strangers, socialize well. The Basenji is somewhat reserved, but can still form strong bonds with humans. It should not be trusted with non-canine pets. They do best with children who understand how to display leadership towards the dog. The Basenji dislike wet weather. They like to chew, so giving them lots of toys of their own would be a good idea. The breed likes to climb and can easily get over chain wire fences. It has the unique properties of not barking (it makes a low, liquid ululation instead) and of cleaning itself like a cat. It can be described as speedy, frisky, tireless at play. Most Basenji problems usually involve a mismatch between owner and pet. The owners mistake the adjective "quiet' to mean inactive instead of noiseless; thus, they become harassed by an active, though relatively silent , dog. They need daily exercise to release mental and physical energy. Basenji are very clever at getting their own way, they succeed less by obstinacy than by charm, and therefore need an owner who displays natural authority. One who makes rules and sticks to them. Calm, but firm, confident and consistent Basenji who have meek or passive owners, or owners who are not consistent with the rules will become demanding. The dog will assume the role of pack leader and behavior problems will arise, especially when left alone. WIth an owner who understands canine behaviors and treats the dog accordingly, will find them to be wonderful pets.