Sunday, 29 January 2012

Its's Snowing

It's Snowing and everywhere is covered with a thin layer of the white pretty stuff. The Llamas are bemused and as always are intigued with anything that varies from their usual routine. I have never come across animals so inquisitive and it will be hard to part with them when the time comes.

Old Henry was adopted by the Merseyside couple who came to see him.Their own elderly  Freshfields dog Dave (love that name) appeared to have no animosity towards Henry and vice versa. I am thrilled to  find him somewhere so quickly and hope that the two remain on good terms when they find they have to share their home.

A Very Welcome Visit From Penny.

Last year we rehomed a particularly traumatised farm dog called Rosie(now Penny) Some of you may remember the lovely video  which owner Ian took of Penny and pal Bruno having a run alongside a river.It was set to a background of music and was very touching, especially considering the dreadful past this collie had experienced. I have only seen one or two dogs  as badly frightened as her since my move to Wales.

Just look at her here on the left on the day she arrived, so scared she would not walk and below is Penny on the day she came to visit us , looking perfectly content and  her eyes alert and full of intelligence. Fear Gone. fantastic.

It was wonderful to see her now, a completely different dog with confidence and happiness shining out of her eyes.Her progress was not without set backs and it has taken a lot of patience and understanding , but those qualities are exactly what Ian and his partner possess . They loved her from the start and were determined to do their best by her. They succeeded.

Cat News:
Adoptions have been slow this weekend, just one kitten went and one cat was returned for bullying another cat. Not the best of weekends for our feline friends but this happens from time to time.Next weekend we may home dozens!

We have all been  saddened by the demise of one of our long term residents Big Ginge. He had lived here for several years after his animal rescuer owner Enid died , leaving him and 20 companions homeless. Big Ginge and most of his pals had been feral cats which Enid had taken in and they were part domesticated when they arrived here. My memory of their arrival was leaning in to one of the baskets to reassure one of the more nervous cats Flecky, only to have him lunge out and whack me across the mouth leaving me with a permanent scar. I dont blame him, it must have been quite  shocking to have my beaming visage looming over  him when he was nervous anyway. ! He and Big Ginge were the last surviving members of this elderly group and strangely Flecky has grown  to prefer me to the other people he  knew at the shelter.Big Ginge, on the other hand  was friendly with everyone and was always happy to pose for photos .
We will all miss the old man very much.

This a typical photo of him and the last one I took just a few months ago.Flecky who is also failing in health is the black cat on the right of Ginge.

Our Lovely Ginge had a happy life here, was always  dozing in the conservatory and on warm days would potter about outside , having the occasional sunbathe. Not a bad life for a cat.

R.I.P. Big Ginge.

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