Saturday, 21 January 2012

Four Needy Cats Meet their New Carer.

Jobs at The Shelter Needing Expertise.

Not all jobs round the shelter are with the animals, there are always things requiring the attention of someone with specialised knowledge.
Ex electrician Roy(now the manager of our charity shop in caernarfon)  spent a day checking the electrics and installing a few more points for us in the office. He is such a busy  person but always finds the time to help out when needed and is one of the few people I can turn to when an animal is in need of urgent rescuing. We are extremely fortunate to have found him. When I first moved to Wales he came to introduce himself and I immediately recognised his name as a long term Liverpool  Freshfields supporter. Some of our supporters live many miles away and I seldom get to meet them so it was a pleasant surprise when he turned up to offer his help here. Nine years on and he is still working hard for us. We could do with a few more like him.

Four very lucky cats
accompanied me to Machynlleth where they were handed over to their  lovely new carer Frances.  There was a scary moment when Felix managed to get out of his basket in the middle of our charity shop but he was soon retrieved and       placed back in the carrier. Felix, who has a heart murmer and Grumpy  cats Poppy and Tinker along with  deaf  white cat Charley  are all set for a lovely home life. after being passed over here because of their different issues . Poppy and Tinker have been here for over 18 months so are more than ready for their new beginning.Above is temperamental Poppy

Black and white Felix is pictured  on the left here   and grumpy Tinker in her favourite wicker basket which went with her.  Deaf Charley is pictured below.

The Third University
This was the group to whom I gave a talk and not the Womens Guild as I mentioned previously. .Heaven knows where I got that from!  It is a worldwide organisation set up to give retired people interesting options to fill their time, they do courses in creative writing, computer studies etc and of course attend talks by  nervous people who run animal shelters !

Around 50 people attended and I managed to stumble through without having too many memory blanks.  I did keep some notes to hand.
Barry had given me a lift there and he had set up a (last minute) slide show of the shelter which took some of the pressure off me. It made me realise that if I am to give more talks of this kind it would be advantageous to  perfect a slide show  which would make it less stressful for me having to remember everything I want to say.Well done Barry for putting this together at such short notice.

There was quite a lot of interest in the shelter, I chatted to some very nice people  and I even did my first book signing which made me feel Very Important indeed!  nine copies were sold.

Whilst talking about Machynlleth, Elinor who has run the shop for a long time has been ill and her son Wyn has stepped into the breach doing a good job of keeping the shop open .Thanks Wyn and fingers crossed that your mum gets well soon.

Saturday Adoptions

Harry the pound collie left his foster home to go to live with his new family, one of the advantages of having the dogs in foster care is that we find out more about their general behaviour in the home.Alison told me that Harry had been very clean and well behaved during the week she has been caring for him so that bodes well for his adaptability to a new environment.

Cats,  3 yrs old  Candy and Harvey who are great pals, have been adopted together which is just what we wanted for them,  and will hopefully help them to settle more easily. Black cats  (YES!!!!!) Jack and Stevie have both been reserved and are leaving us today so a great weekend so far for cats..

New Admissions.

Four scared little farm pups have arrived, they are cross jack russells with a collie mum though are more likely to be collie size judging by the size they are now at eight weeks.(one is hiding behind the others in the photo) I have given a leaflet to the owner so he can get the mother dog spayed on the Dogs Trust Farm dog scheme. I can only hope he puts it to good use. I don't mind helping farmers with their unwanted dogs but  they also need to take some responsibility for the unwanted litters their dogs are having. There are two girls and two boys in the litter.Now I have to decide which foster carer will have the pleasure of looking after these dear little dogs.  Queue here Please.

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kim said...

Oh im so glad Charlie found a nice home ,but i missed him today.He was so fond of waiting until i bent down then pawing my head.Good Luck to him and the others.
The pups are just so sweet,if not a bit scared.Im sure they will soon be adopted to nice homes too.I have sent you some names lol just in-case..
1 Pebbles 7 Henry
2 Abby 8 Buster
3 Ebony 9 Luna
4 Dottie 10 Corey
5 Star 11 Benzy
6 Sky 12 JoJo