Sunday, 15 January 2012

The End To a Good Weekend

Both Puppies went today so there was not one left alone  as I had feared. Bonnie, the last to go is pictured here with Sandra, her new owner - Bonnie will have another collie as a companion and the male pup is going to a couple in Wrexham who have had past experience of collies. Lots of luck to all three pups and new families.
Today has been even busier than yesterday. Bud retriever has left us for his third home and hopefully his final one. I could not stress enough to his new people that he cannot cope with any more changes in his life and they are aware of that and his problem of poor recall. They have assured me that he will never leave them and I can only hope that will be the case. Their own elderly rescued greyhound has had the same problem in the past and so they know what they are taking on. I have faith in them and  feel it is the right home for Bud. I feel so guilty when I am unsuccesful matching animals with owners but  I have to think sensibly and balance this out with the successful rescues which thankfully far outweigh  the negative ones. With the best will in the world we cannot always be right and make the correct decision but we try and most times it works out well.
Libby the collie which was returned  has also found a new home,As the past owners said she was perfect in the house, other than an inlination to  dominate their other dog, she should  settle well in a home with no other canine. Certainly she has been not an ounce of trouble here and is much loved by all who come into contact with her.Pictured here about to leave us for her new life in Manchester.

Harry the dog from the Dog Pound has been reserved and after being neutered tomorrow, he will be in a foster home until he is collected next saturday. He remains shy and nervous but has a sweet nature and appeared to really like the children of the family who have put their name down for him.

Two more cats went this morning, one adult black and a black kitten and  as we all know, black cats are so hard to place that we are all delighted when they are chosen.

Our dear Noddy is much better today, his normal appetite has returned and although we kept him in today, he appears to be fit again(well , as fit as an old man can be!)     Big Sigh Of Relief!

Sorry to keep  showing llama pics but I am finding them so fascinating I can't resist photographing them. They like to eat out of your hands but are still  nervous of being stroked or patted and saunter away gracefully when overtures are made in this way as though to say 'Look , I don't mind you humans offering me food but keep your hands to yourself'. They are the most inquisitive animals I have ever come across, always watching and observing.
Roy from the Caernarfon shop, and his wife Mavis called in to meet the Boys who stared at them with disdain.They are very good at that!
By the time the last people had left with their newly adopted pet, dusk was starting to fall and it was late for me to take out my dogs.There was a beautiful sunset and  it was too beautiful to resist so here is the handsome Paddy on his late amble in the field(actually he did manage a gallop for a few moments) and one of my favourite night time views of the tree next to  Kitty Kottage.

 I love this time of the day when  all the animals are settled , having had their evening meals.The horses and the Llamas are munching away contentedly at their hay(love that sound) the cats are all  sleeping next to the heaters in their pens and the conservatory cats (and the ferals too)all cuddled up together for that extra warmth from each others bodies.  For Mei and I, the day is about to come to an end, she will toddle off home at about 7.30pm and I will start the much dreaded task of finding something I can cook for myself  with the minimum effort!

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June said...

What a smashing post! So much good news. Love the Paddy pic, and glad to hear about Noddy x