Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Its Ferret Week.

Sunday Adoptions (and another dog returned)

Out of the three farm dogs which came in from Anglesey, two have been homed but middle aged Ben still languishes in kennels. I will find someone nice for him soon and I told him that very thing when I went to collect the other two. I think he understood - well he wagged his tail and offered me his paw so I took that as an understanding!  and I always keep my promises.

Farm dog George was  adopted with Scooby, a young collie with whom he got on very well and Pero( from the same farm as George)also left us for his new life.The downside of the day was that Harry the collie/Huntaway was returned less than 24 hours after he drove off happily with his new family. He was returned because the two children(who had met him previously) were terrified of him. Harry was not in any way at fault, his nature is wonderful  but although the children were not babies, it reinforces my view that homes with children so often do not work out for one reason or another.  I had not picked up on the childrens fear when they first met Harry, they were shy but that is not unusual and I felt he was the right dog for the family.Am I losing my touch?

Several cats were homed and three of the new puppies have been reserved, now there is just one to go.Not bad going at all. If only I could always be sure that animals were going to stay out! There are times when I feel that I want to keep all the animals here and never home them but that would , of course, be an impossibility and in the long term would not be fair on them at all. All  our animals have different temperaments and characteristics, as do people but I do believe there is the right match for every pet and every person. I could, however be the exception to this ! Either that or I am going to meet my own match so late in life I will be too old  to do anything about it!

Monday:    Its the Week Of The Ferrets.

Within a short space of time I received two calls about stray ferrets turning up announced in peoples gardens.  Dave has been busy this morning repairing an old double hutch in which to accommodate them
The first (a female)arrived this morning and is a youngster and very friendly and easy to handle. She is not at all like our last ferret Finchley who was a demon and struck terror into the hearts of those  delegated to cleaning out his hutch. Me especially!
How we ever found anyone to give him a home still amazes me but last I heard,  he had greatly improved through correct handling and kindness.
The second ferret is due in tomorrow with Veronica whose son found him/her in Anglesey. Heres hoping he too is an affable little soul. I find ferrets interesting and often loveable animals and I am pleased so many people nowadays keep them as pets rather than as working animals used to kill other animals. These social little animals are happiest being kept in pairs or groups and  are great fun to watch . They  will derive immense pleasure from playing with a black binbag, amongst other things. and  once neutered their strong smell diminishes.I would strongly recommend them as pets if anyone wants a pet with loads of character and has the space to build them a good sized (and super secure) play area in the garden.

Tuesday News;
Harry has been fortunate to find another home already and will be leaving us tomorrow. I hope with all my heart that this time we have made the right match and Ben has a lady coming to see him on Friday. It would be lovely if she liked him and felt he was the one for her, I can't stop thinking about him in kennels and wishing I had room in my own home to have him. I hate the idea of the older ones being kennelled.

All the pups are now spoken for and this morning another dog arrived from the Pound  He  is a very old collie, blind and rather deaf but  he does a lot of tail wagging and seems content  in  his limited world. What a great shame that such an old chap has ended up being an unclaimed stray.  If a permanent home cannot be found, I may  keep him as permanent  Office dog. He is so quiet and inoffensive that one almost forgets he is here.  The staff  have voted to name him Henry.

Veronicas stray ferret has escaped from her home so he is on the loose round Benllech so if anyone in that area spots a slinky cream coloured visitor  in their garden please let us know.Veronica hopes he will turn up again as he had been residing in the shed  at her sons house for a few days and knows there is a source of food there. Lets hope so.

Naughty Jane, the little staffordshire bull terrier waiting to go to her home in South Wales has demolished the office dustpan and brush! veronica was searching for them and found the dustpan in Janes basket but minus a handle and more than a little frayed round the edges! The brush had suffered the same fate and was also without a handle  and had considerably less bristles than it had yesterday! I put it down to here excitement at the prospect of leaving the shelter  for a home life so I can't feel too annoyed can I?

I will be away in Liverpool until Friday so have a good week everybody, the blog will be back at the weekend.

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