Friday, 27 January 2012

The Newcomers Quickly Arouse Interest

The Old And The Young:

Here we have two more unwanted collies- The old chap (Henry)came from the Pound where he had been left unclaimed and the youngster Becky was taken to be destroyed after killing two poultry in the farm where she lived. Henry is the sweetest old dog, he is so gentle and placid ; his tail is always waving   gaily  and he is appreciative of every bit of attention he receives.   His coat is a bit matted and unkempt but he is so  docile,it is clear that he has not been the victim of cruelty , just a little neglected.   I am sure someone will come forward to offer him a home for the last part of his life.  
  Little Becky(and she IS little)  already has a homecheck being done ,  she will be  a great family pet as long as there are no small animals about for her to assault. I am rehoming her away from rural Wales so there will be no opportunities for her to be in close proximity to poultry and sheep. This is not the area for a dog to be unless it can be trusted 100 percent with livestock but at the age of six months she deserves a second chance.

Transport is sorted for Jane:
Jane the staffordshire bull terrier is leaving us on Tuesday when she will be off to Cardiff to her new life, it is so obvious she is feeling so much better nowadays, not only did the dustpan and brush fall prey to her mischievous ways but she has today emptied the bin all over the floor. Thank you Jane. that is just what I needed!
She is showing signs of boredom and needs the one to one attention she will shortly be receiving- until then Its a case of keeping everything chewable well out of her way.

Charley Turns Into  A Bully:
Charley one of the four hard to home cats has 'queered his pitch' as the old Scouse saying goes. He has been aggressive towards the other three and is making their lives a misery. Frances has wisely allowed him the sole use of one of her rooms and she is fostering him until we find someone to take him on who has no other cats.  Without their presence he becomes a real Pussycat!

If anyone knows a cat lover without other felines and who would take pity on  middle aged but very handsome deaf white  Charley please get in touch

I was quite excited to receive a call asking for two shetland ponies, there have been very few such calls this past year and we would dearly like to find a nice place for Heather and her son Paddy. Unfortunately all they wanted ponies for was to keep their grass down! It would be much cheaper and less aggravation to hire a person to do this,  I doubt they had taken into consideration that ponies are VERY  expensive to keep. Farriers ,Dentists and Vets are by no means  cheap so they would make very expensive lawnmowers.
Pictured here with my lovely boy Rocky are the mother and  son shetlands. Their Time will Come.

We will be having another pony returned this weekend.Axel is one of  three Dartmoor ponies we rescued several years ago and he has been living with my next door neighbours  for the bulk of that time , not the infamous HH of course!  When Axel  and his pals were admitted they were  almost wild  as they had not been long taken off the Moors and were very skittish. The well known round up of wild ponies from the moors  is one which many people find abhorrent and quite rightly so. It is a terrifying experience for animals which have never been handled, to suddenly find themselves herded into waiting lorries and taken to the even more frightening environment of  the horses sales. Axel was one of the lucky ones purchased by an animal welfare group and  his future was immediately secured. Nowadays he is as well behaved as any other domesticated pony but his carer is unable to keep all her equine family and Axel is showing signs of ill health so we have agreed to take him back so we can monitor his health and care for him at the shelter.

Disaster Strikes As I leave |For Liverpool:
Why is it that things always seem to go wrong at the most inopportune time?
The night before I left for the meeting in Liverpool, Mei noticed my car was leaking oil so I had to give up on the idea of driving there and had to beg a lift to Prestatyn where I had arranged previously to pick up my sister. She  was not happy at the prospect of driving her car from Prestatyn to Merseyside but there was no choice.Sandra hates driving even more than I do and finds the journey arduous  but it was either that or cancel the meeting which neither of us wanted to do.

Then as I was rushing round in the morning , trying to organise myself - I suddenly noticed that one of Paddys front paws was ENORMOUS! I know he has elephant sized feet anyway but one was double the size of the other and it looked sore. Now I had a problem.Not only was I about to leave for two days but there  was no vehicle in which to transport him to the Vet ,and he needs a Great Dane approved vehicle in which  he can comfortably travel, anything smaller  than a transit sized van will simply not do!

The other issue was that only Mei and I can enter the house to remove him, he will not allow anyone else to do this.
"Oh Paddywack" I moaned at him " Why  today of all days?"
He just stared uncomprehending at me in typical Dane manner.
I had to leave him in Meis capable hands and told her who to ring for help with transport and by afternoon he had paid his visit to the vet(again) who found that he had a hole in between his toes . This was probably caused by a foreign object which had since worked its way out(I failed to notice this I am ashamed to say) and infection had set in.

As I type this , his foot is back to normal . I hope we can manage to keep him away from the Vets surgery for a while, he seems to have hardly been away from  there  lately. And did I mention that he disgraced me whilst he was being examined? When the Vet removed the thermometer from his backside, Paddy  decided he needed to Poo and proceeded to pass his usual huge  cowpat  on the surgery floor.Am I glad I was not present! Mei was mortified.

Possible Home for Old Henry.
I have taken a call from a lady who lives near the shelter in Liverpool and who  has adopted an elderly dog from them some months ago . This lady is expressing interest in the elderly collie Henry. how lovely ot would be for him if he were to find his forever home so soon.I have promised to ring her back tomorrow as I have to get my dogs out before darkness descends and I will  be unable to find them in the surrounding fields - something which will inevitably happen if I do not get a move on!

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