Tuesday, 3 January 2012

High Winds Prevent The Llama Move.

Both Tammy and Gel left us today for their new homes. Tammys paw is still swollen so we will be paying for any future treatment and hope that it gets better soon, she is not bothered by it though pulls off the bandage as soon as it is put on which makes it hard to keep the wound clean, she will have a better chance of that in a home. As usual I will be waiting to hear that all is well before I breathe the sigh of relief that comes from knowing the right animal has gone to the right home.  We have a very good success rate with the dogs and cats and very few are returned but the cats cause me less worry. For some reason cats seem to be regarded as less of a problem(even when are not perfectly behaved) or could it be that cat owners have more patience? I really do not know the answer to this but it is the dogs which worry me most when they leave the care of Freshfields.

Unfortunately the moving of the Llamas to the shelter has had to be posponed due to the bad weather conditions. The person driving the horse box is understandably unhappy driving in  high winds.  Last night we had 90mph gales here and were lucky that the only damage was to our sign at the entrance to the property.Having stood there  steadfastly for 8 years, overnight the wooden frame was broken in two and now lies forlornly in the field. We need to get that sorted soon, in this rural location people find it hard to find us anyway, without the sign they will all be driving  round in circles!
The Llama relocation is now set for Thursday,Tomorrow is out as we don't have enough staff on hand to facilitate the move(several will be needed to herd them into the box) The future of Blitzen is still up in the air but if we fail to TRY to save his life we would be going against all we stand for.At this stage we do not know for sure whether the damage to his legs is irrevocable, it is something we will most likely be able to ascertain over the next week or so, once  he is under our care.

I'm not sure whether |I mentioned that the Anglesey Xmas coffee morning went extremely well with lots of  people attending and the grand sum of £442 was raised for the animals at Freshfields. Organisers Julia, Ann and Betty did a wonderful job , as did a lady called  Petra who played the keyboard and led Carol Singing which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Due to the succes of this venture we will be holding another next December. Another  Anglesey fundraiser planned for  March or April (date to be yet decided upon) will be an evening with Alan from 'The Biggest Twitch' when he will be talking and showing slides of his wordwide birdwatching which provided the subject for his book.Refreshments will  be available, watch out for more details of this.

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