Sunday, 8 January 2012

Paddy is Rushed to The Vet Again.

Thank you all for suggesting names for the Pups, I  like Buddy, Amber and Bonnie though often the new owners do change their names when they get them home .This is, however,  what they will be called whilst they are here. Thanks again, we all get a little jaded thinking up names all the time so new ideas are always helpful. Buddy the boy at the front of the photo is already reserved but the other two are still waiting.
Today has been a disappointing day with two dogs being returned. Sam who went less than 24 hours ago, was brought back because she was too much of a handful(she is a 12 months old lab cross) and Bud the Golden Retriever who went to a home 4 months ago has also been returned. We are particularly upset about Bud as so many people answered the advertisement for him and he could have been well settled in a permanent home by now had the right decision been made. I do hate this happening, I feel so guilty that I have not done right by this lovely animal.The reason for his return - a relative living away from home has an allergy to him.   Poor Bud and poor Sam.

Last night Paddy was rushed to the Vet again, He was panting heavily and could not get comfortable. I thought he was having another bout of gastric torsion but the  Emergency  duty  Vet  Geraint said his heart was very erratic and he has kept him in overnight.
I failed to get much sleep worrying about whether he would still be alive today so feel more relieved than I can say to find out he could come home! He has  a variety of medications to take and has to go back next Friday to have his heart checked again.Poor boy was so pleased to see me, he nearly knocked me over just by leaning on me in sheer  delight.  Geraint said he looked like he could have arrived in a horse box, he was so huge! I am so used to seeing him all the time, he doesn't even appear that big to me, its only when  we are out  and see other peoples reactions that I realise he is so enormous.

Yesterday we homed blue merle collie Libby and I can scarcely believe it, but today she too has been returned . though this time it is completely understandable as Libby had dominated their labrador so completely he was terrified of her. Such a shame, she had been fine here with the other dogs but perhaps they are  all more dominant than her and when she has someone less confident she takes over. She has lost herself a lovely home but at least now we know she is best to be the only dog. This has been the worst month ever with returns but we have had a marvellous success rate previously so the law of average says that this had to happen sooner or later. I need to remember the hundreds of animals  annually for which we find permanent homes and whose owners regularly  email me with  photographs of their beloved pets.

We have had a severe bout of sneezing in the main cattery so we are stopping rehoming and admitting until it completely clears. This does happen periodically when taking in stray cats but it is a bind when we have to turn prospective owners away at a time when  we are really desperate for good homes(is there any other time?) We will still take reservations and hope that people will wait that little  bit longer before they are able to take their new pet(s) home.

New neighbours Sian and Iwan  from the village turned up with 6 bales of hay for our rescued horses (and Llamas). At the moment we are getting through loads of hay and this donation was very well received. Its good to know that the two new families who have moved in are happy to help us and are supportive.

Phoebe and Warren rabbits who only were admitted earlier this week have already been offered a new home so they should be leaving our care tomorrow.I am very pleased indeed as I uaually find them hard to home and bunnies can be here for anything up to a year. That reminds me. I went for a meal to a local pub a few weeks ago but did not stay as there was a neglected rabbit in a filthy hutch outside in the Beer Garden.I reported this to the RSPCA so hope something has been done by now. Bun had matted fur and was living in filth and at 1pm he had no food  or water. Disgraceful.

Finally just look at the beautiful sky outside, it is twenty to five and this is stunning(the view not the photo_

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Oh poor Paddy.Hope hes going to be ok