Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Well Done to ' Dogs Today'

ANOTHER dog is being returned, this time it is Molly(now Meg) the 6 months old collie cross whippet whose companion Sam is showing signs of jealousy when Meg is receiving the attention. I cannot believe the bad luck we are having lately with the dogs. With so many others waiting for places the returns mean we are unable to help them and some are urgent too!

Today I was asked to take three rabbits (including a Giant Bunny)which are being attacked by rats in their current home. As it was obviously an urgent matter, I asked friend  Sandra in Anglesey if she could help until we could organise something more permanent for them and I am waiting to hear news from her,  so more of this rescue tomorrow.
Phoebe and Warren the last two rabbits to be admitted have now been homed, luckily they were only here a week which is fantastic when most small pets are here for long stays.
We only have facilities to keep two rabbits or  two pairs but one run gets waterlogged and needs a new floor and raising off the ground .Until that is done it restricts our ability to admit any more bunnies. We will be trying to sort this problem out over the next few days.

The Llamas have settled very well now but the jury is still out on the fate of the injured one and I feel less and less optimistic as each day goes by.I think it is time I made a decision one way or another Not an easy thing to do, especially as they all now seem so content(even the poorly one)but he is now making no effort at all to get up and walk. This cant go on.It is simply not fair.

Is there any good news to report? Well I had a lovely letter from the new owners of middle aged collies Livi and  Tavi with beautiful photos of them which show clearly how happy they are in their new environment  and jane the Pound Staffie is looking better already.It just shows what a difference worming and good food can make to the general appearance of a neglected pet. Even her coat is getting a gloss on it now.
Speaking of staffs, this months Dogs Today magazine has done itself proud. It has featured the terrible and evergrowing problem with the over breeding of dogs in general but particularly staffordshire bull terriers.There are articles on rescue shelters and the problems we are all experiencing at the moment , and good on them, they have forgone their usual pedigree pups section to feature instead  dogs languishing in rescue centers. The first photo is of  our own Dodger and Nancy who have fortunately now been adopted so I hope some of the others featured will also find loving homes.
The Editor is a woman after my own heart, she writes that she wishes  that there was a tax on the breeding of all dogs and with her comments, she  risks putting herself at the mercy  of some dog breeders who will undoubtedly take umbrage at this idea. Pesonally I am all for it. Something has to be done and soon because we have become a nation of Too many Dogs and  when thousands of them are being destroyed  annually due to lack of homes, the situation cannot go on being ignored. The number of unwanted dogs in rescue shelters is rising beyond belief, and many of these discarded pets  are pedigrees. More and more calls I receive are asking me to take pedigree dogs, years ago this would have been unusual,now it is the norm.
Sorry to have a rant but it truly is an issue which bothers me a grteat deal and it should bother anybody who cares about the future of Britains dogs and subsequently its overcrowded animal shelters.

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