Thursday, 12 January 2012

We Say Goodbye to Blitzen

Having made the difficult decision to let poorly llama go, he went very peacefully and without undue stress. The staff , both permanent and volunteers, were marvellous and  I was let off the task of aiding the vet for which I am very grateful .Blitzen had begun to develop sores from not moving and I  think we all now believe that the right decision has been made.  RIP Blitzen.
The remaining two,  Rudy and Santa seem unconcerned and have continued mooching about the field Llama style .  I am  very relieved that they have been unaffected by the loss of their companion, animals seem to cope with it far better than we humans do.
It has been a very trying time and perhaps now we can move ahead with the rehoming of the Boys, there have been a couple of enquiries so it is time to check these homes out for their suitability. We are all becoming very fond of our Llama friends so we want the best for them

Three kittencats have been admitted , their owner was worried that the family dogs which were trying to get at them, were going to eventually kill them. We have named the three youngsters  Tomas, Ted and Toby. They are in good condition and friendly, we just need some  cat lovers to visit and offer homes!

An old sofa has been placed in the feral cat enclosure and the cats are loving it though every time I try to quietly open the door to take a photo of them all enjoying a peaceful snooze, they scatter everywhere.This time just three remained in position and kindly posed for a photo session. The other 4 jumped off and remained at a distance glaring at me with total hatred. I deserved it of course, after all I had disturbed their afternoon nap!

Tomas.Ted and Toby

Another two dogs came in from the Dog Pound, the little one Sunny has been taken by Veronica to his foster home in Anglesey. Stefan fostered Jacky the abused border terrier and is looking forward to meeting his second foster dog.
The second (now named Harry) is another fairly young dog, maybe 18 months old, he looks like he is a collie crossed with a Huntaway(new Zealand sheepdog)Huntaways are becoming very popular dogs to be used on local farms as working dogs and we have seen many crosses of this breed recently. Harry has been boarded in local kennels and has taken the place of Twm collie who was adopted today by a couple from Wrexham who had the youngest looking 18 years old collie I have ever seen. Whatever she has been on, I want some!

Incidentally Meg cross collie did not come back to us, the owners have decided to keep her and work through the problems with their other dog.I hope they do persevere because any changes in a dogs behaviour take time to change and is never an overnight miracle.

The three rabbits I mentioned in the last blog are all now safe. Giant Bun has been adopted by Sandra and Tom in Anglesey and the other two are safe here at Freshfields. Veronica bookeeper has named them Truffles and Cinammon which I think are lovely names. One has an undescended testicle but both males will be visiting the vet next week for neutering so he can be checked out then. Truffles is the one on the left with that awful red eye problem which keeps occurring in my photos.Anybody know how to prevent this?

A few people have asked me about Paddy.Well he is doing ok and has to return to the vet tomorrow for another check on his heart.In the meantime he seems back to his old self, even to the point of enjoying his usual halfhearted gallop across the field with numerous jack russells in tow!

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