Sunday, 1 January 2012

Tiger Comes Down The Chimney/

Remember Tiger, the cat which was adopted and then disappeared up the chimney? Well he remained in his hiding place until Christmas Day when he finally decided to make his debut! Since then a very relieved family have seen him exploring the house and actually deigning to stay around in sight of all. It just proves that eventually, even the most nervous cat WILL come round given time .  I am grateful to the family who adopted Tiger for giving him that chance to assess his situation,albeit slowly, and now he has made his appearance things should improve daily. That is very good news to start the New Year.
Still on the subject of cats I could not resist the opportunity to take this photo of Tangy, one of our younger feral cats showing off  in "Im The King Of The Castle" mode!
Well, 2012 is here, I hope that it will be a good one for all of our supporters and that financially Freshfields will not suffer further due to the current economic recession.
The constant rain is flooding our fields but it is comparatively warm - in fact the wild birds have abandoned their frenzied eating from the feeders and are clearly finding plentiful natural food at the moment which is wonderful ;   the handsome but greedy starlings still  prefer to have their meals prepared and ready and waiting for them so I continue to put out food for them. I was shocked to see some of my spring flowers bursting into life again. This changeable weather is so very strange isn't it?
Two of our cats have been adopted today.Mimi and Missy (pictured below)who were fostered by Mion, along with their babies, have finally left us, they have been here the best part of a year so we are all thrilled for them. January has got off to a good start.
Tomorrow should be also a nice day for the animals, both Tammy and Gel collies have people coming to see them and hopefully adopt them. I have Tammy with me in the office today(I collected her from the kennels) and I am collecting Gel tomorow. Tammy is such a lovely natured animal, the more I see of her. the less I understand why she ended up on Death row at a dog pound. Anyone would love her to bits.She is everything I personally would want in a dog - well behaved, a good car traveller and full of affection without being overbearing. I begin to think that many people simply have no hearts.
Thank goodness for the lovely people I come across in this work, without them I would be truly disheartened.

Happy New Year to Everyone.

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Caroline said...

Hi. Just a quick note about feeding llamas. They will need hay, yes, but as mature, non-breeding animals, they don't need the coarse mix and will rapidly get fat if given much. Perhaps that will save you some money.

Good luck with all you are doing for them; they have clearly fallen on better times than they have been used to.

(Owner of 4 llamas)