Friday, 6 January 2012

More Llama Tales.

It has been a bit of a crazy few days, we had planned to move the Llamas on two occasions and the bad weather prevented both moves, eventually the lady fostering became so aggravated with us, we felt we had no option but to try and get it done, bad weather nothwith standing. We rounded up the staff who were all about to go home, rang Barry to ask if he would use his vehicle to pull out horse trailer and off they all went.It was still very windy but it had to be done.  I have been  unwell for the past week with a heavy cold which developed into a chest infection so I was not able to volunteer for the physical demands of this particular rescue.

Poorly Llama Blitzen  had seen the Vet the day before and the prognosis was not great  as he was making little ffort to stand on his back legs. Nevertheless  it was decided that we could not leave them where they were , and any decision made about Blitzen would have to be taken once they were all in our care. Had we decided to have him put to sleep we would then have had the dilemma of what to do with him afterwards so we reluctantly agreed he had to be moved to the shelter.   The round up and subsequent relocation  went fairly well so I am led to believe , though it is shame there was nobody videoing it! I hear John ended up face down in  a mud patch and there were a lot of weary (and filthy)faces when they all arrived back.

The three boys  settled in well though it was clear Blitzen was in some distress. In my heart I felt that I was very soon going to have to make that dreadful call to the Vet;. Without an xray I had no idea whether his injury was going to be permanent but there was no way I intended to allow him to suffer  so I went to bed with a heavy heart.
Friday morning and unbelievably Blitzen was out of the field shelter and happily snoozing in the field.How he manged to get this far I have no idea. He is  pictured here with Dave who was checking to see if he had eaten his food(with the pain killers)
Some time later  whilst I was  typing  this blog I suddenly saw Blitzen raise himself almost fully  on his back legs only to let himself fall down to the floor again. The point was that for the first time he had managed to do this and stay in that position for half a minute, surely that has to be regarded as optimistic! Or am I being overly so? I  need to speak to the vet again(tried but he was out on emergency calls)

The horses are currently spooked out by the presence of these strange creatures with a strange smell and habit of humming loudly! They dont know what to make of them at all but I am sure they will soon get used to their presence. Above is Rudolph and Blitzen on the right.Santa has more white on him than the others and is a little more reserved.

Callie and Freddie stood in this position for ages, just staring at the Llamas. I wonder what they are making of them?
They must seem very weird to these two old timers.

PS: Sam the cross labrador went to a new home today, fingers crossed Libby will find her home tomorrow when we have visitors from Shropshire who are coming to seeher.Having lost their own blue merle collie, she is hopefully the dog they are looking for to fill the empty space in their home.

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