Friday, 13 January 2012

I see a Rare Bird Visitor.(A Kumlein's Gull)

The day started badly and I have a heavy heart because the  old pigs have gone today.  Cant write about at the moment .It is  a beautiful bright sunny crisp day and It is too nice to dwell on sadness.

I had a call from friend Barry to say there was a lot of bird activity down on Pontlyffni Beach so I grabbed my binoculars and headed down there. There were a few flocks of ducks (Teal and Widgeon)including one very large brown bird which I wasnt sure of its identity so I rang Alan Davies from the 'Biggest Twitch' and he told me it was probably an eider duck (female) but he then said that a rare gull had been sighted further along Pontllyfni beach so off we shot to see and there he was, the first time ever an Iceland Gull has been sighted in Wales(so I am led to believe). A helpful birdwatcher already there ,let me look through his telescope for a better view and I can now proudly say that I saw the First Iceland gull spotted in  this country., By rights he should have been in Canada so is way off his normal route, perhaps the recent high winds have forced him in this direction.

I have definitely become a twitcher! On  first hearing the news of the rare arrival , I did not even stop for a cup of tea! It was on with the binocs and off down the beach at a fast pace. Whoever would have thought it!

PS: I stand corrected, it  was a Kumlein's Gull(sub species of the Iceland) Local Twitchers I apologise profusely for this unforgiveable error!

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