Thursday, 19 January 2012

Upside Down Photo Advice Needed?

Should Vets Insist cats be secured in baskets whilst waiting to be seen?

When I took Harry to be neutered yesterday, a lady standing in front of me  was holding her cat in her arms instead of having him secure in a basket;  although he/she seemed extremely docile ,I could see that his eyes were unhappy .  I thought that if someone came in with a dog they could not control, one leap at the cat and all hell would break loose. I  have noticed people doing this before and also  with dogs not on leads or on very loose leads. It seems common sense to ensure that your pet is secure when visiting an often packed surgery waiting room  - your own pet may be docile but that does not mean others will be.
 I shall ask the surgery to put up a notice to this effect.

I also took a cat called Stevie to have a much needed dental and a very handsome Tabby cat to have his skin checked over before he leaves us for his new home.He had been admitted with a flea allergy and had it treated but he has another injection which according to the Vet  should clear it up completely. After his operation Harry is going to his foster mum Alison until he is collected by his new family on Saturday.

Collies coming in and Going Out
We are having lots of calls from people wanting sheepdogs at the moment and they are going out as quickly as they come in , long may it last! The mother of the three red and white pups is due in wednesday, along with two other collies from the same farm.They will be boarded at kennels but I am hoping all will be snapped up by those on my waiting list for this breed.

The collies came in but not the ones I expected.Apparently one they had homed themselves came back to them so he was sent instead of the pups mum Nell. Poor 8 years old Ben is very bewildered by his sudden change in routine and it shows in his eyes.I could barely stand to look at his expression,it was so sad. I will still take Nell(and they have another apparently that they no longer want!) but I want to try and find suitable families for these 3 first. I have had to board all three in kennels as foster people are all busy fostering at present.  Here is Ben  in  yet another upside down photo, how do I rotate them? I just cannot work it out.

We Receive Help From Barclays.
Barclays have donated £500 of materials and sent a group of their staff from different branches to carry out work needed here. For once we had more volunteers than permanent staff! They all got stuck in, mending pens and fences with the supplied materials  and it was a real treat having their help. So often we manage to do the basic tasks but do not have the time to do other jobs and this is when volunteers can be so useful.
Thank you Barclays and everyone who volunteered their services for this day. It was much appreciated.

Volunteer Brendan and Dave attempted to put halters on the Llamas but they were having none of it, never mind - better luck next time lads. It would be a great help if we could manage to do this, that would make moving them easier.(The llamas,  not Brendan and Dave) Still, it is early days yet and I am ever hopeful of eventually having two very placid and amenable loveable llamas who can be easily moved from field to field, will stand to be groomed and even enjoy a little fuss and attention. That  would be quite an achievement.

Tomorrow I am off to Machynlleth - ostensibly to give a talk to a Womens Group in the town  but I will be using the trip to also deliver four  hard To home cats to a very nice couple who have had cats from us before and who like to give the cats nobody else wants , the chance of a home. I am unsure at the moment which lucky cats have been chosen(they left the choice to us) but willl write more about them  in my next blog.

PS: Does anyone have an old trailer they no longer use? We need one and would be glad to hear from you.

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