Wednesday, 1 February 2012


The snow has cleared(except on the mountains) but it is bitterly cold and the cats are feeling it most of all.  I feel like huddling up with them , they look so cosy in the heated conservatory.

The Photo is of snow covered mountain Cwm Dulyn at the back of Freshfields and behind the neighbouring farm. Mount Snowdon is unseen to the left  and a little behind Cym Cillyn which lies next the mountain shown.  Meis dad was named after the  mountain in the photo , and her family had a beautiful image of it put on his gravestone.
Instead of waiting until five pm,  I felt compelled to light my coal fire/log burner early this afternoon, Paddy was shivering and the Jack Russells had wrapped themselves  up tightly in their blankets. The cottage is too hot in summer and too cold in winter unless all heating is on full and like most people I try to economise. Today,however ,is not a time for being frugal with

Grandad gives us a fright;

Old Grandad has had another bout of colic and the vet came out to see to him, it is particularly worrying when the ponies are so old but thank heavens today he is back to normal. Colic in horses can be caused by so many things and it is hard to sometimes know  why it has happened . He and Noddy look their age (late thirties) nowadays but they are very old ponies and have been remarkably healthy throughout the time they have lived at Freshfields.With so many oldies on site it is inevitable there are going to be health issues to worry over, we expect it but still dread them falling ill. Each time we wonder if one is about to leave us and then next day the ailing one is up and bright as a button. These little shetlands are such hardy  creatures. I just love their characters.

The young ferret we admitted last week is a sweet natured little female, I have  booked her in to be spayed  tomorrow, along with two dogs Becky and Scooby (collies)and then I hope we can find  a nice ferret loving person to adopt her. I have called her Fionnula after a character in an Irish legend.I hope I have the correct spelling though I'm sure there will be someone who will know and rush to correct me! I was told of the legend when I was in Ireland  with Sea Shepherd in the seventies and the name stayed in my mind ever since. I seem to remember that it was about  a girl who was changed into a swan. (or was it the other way around?)I would love to know if anyone else  knows the story.

The other ferret we were waiting to admit never did reappear . I just hope that someone else took him in, its so cold now I can't bear to think of animals being out in this . Do many other people worry about this too? It is one reason I hate the winter, at least when the weather is warm, stray and neglected animals don't have this  extra problem to deal with.

I have asked  a lady from the British Llama Society to check out the home in Gloucester which has been offered for the Boys.  I must say that the Society has proved to be very helpful, both with advice and a donation to help with the expenses we incurred over the Boys. They sent me information on Llama care and have not failed to be pleasant and willing when I have telephoned for advice. I think we all agree that the LLama rescue/welfare situation is likely to become more prevalent now that recession has hit the Uk and that is very worrying indeed. Perhaps some Llama lovers will set up rescues in various parts of the Uk. The only one in existence now is already overloaded with rescue cases and is unable to take more in. If I   had the money and the land I would like to do this myself but I would have to win the lottery!

Mei receives the news she has been waiting for.
After three years of pain and waiting for appointments at hospitals, Mei was starting to believe she would never have her wrist problem sorted out, but she has a pre op appointment in three weeks and can scarcely believe it. I am so pleased for her.Of course now she is worrying about taking time off and not being able to walk the dogs etc!

A donation from Wilkinsons in Porthmadog
We were  delighted to receive a   huge amount of xmas pet treats from our local branch of Wilkinsons, there were so many they filled the back of a small van. Thank you Wilkinsons.


kim said...

Means "white shoulder" from Irish fionn "white, fair" and guala "shoulder". In Irish legend Fionnuala was one of the four children of Lir who were transformed into swans for a period of 900 years.

I love ferrets,but not sure my kittens would agree......I hope she finds a forever home too.

Its great news about the Lamas,but i will be sad to see them go,i am fascinated by them.
And great news for Mei,fingers crossed she will be up and running and able to do all the things she cant do now and out of pain .

niallandvicky said...

Hello my name is Vicky Mitchelmore and i live in llanaber on a farm. i have a ferret already a boy called 'doodles' and love him very much as well as 2 rabbits, degu, dogs, cats and kittens and love them all very much.. I dont use ferrets for hunting but love to take them for walks and play with them . I would be very interested in giving the white ferret fionnuala a loving home