Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Oddie Is Lost...And Found.

One of our cats goes missing
One of our old cats had been missing for three days. We had only recently released Oddie to live here permanently and he had made himself at home in the conservatory but he had a habit of following Mei when she left for home in the evening. We wondered if he had followed her on the night which was very misty, that could have explained why he failed to return. Mei was sure this was what had occurred, and sure enough today she found him this evening outside her house in the village! Poor old Oddie was very hungry and very grateful to be returned to the shelter where he tucked into some tasty morsels, From now on we will keep the cat flap locked until Mei has left for home, the three days he has been missing have taken their toll on  poor Oddie  and in this cold weather, such an old man will suffer without warmth and food.  Welcome back Oddie.

The most famous cat in England
Many will have read of the stray cat which brought the Liverpool/Tottenham football game to a halt last week when he ran across the pitch, and will also  know that the Liverpool shelter now  has him safely  in their care.They have even had an offer of a home for him, from a lady in North Carolina in the States! Over 2 million people watched the video on you tube, though I must say that some of the comments made were totally disgusting and were so vile I would not repeat them. Why are these not monitored? Is it an impossibility with the huge numbers of people who make their comments on various videos?  Anyhow 'Shankley' as he is now named is doing well and, I am led to believe, is enjoying his new found celebrity status.

Animal adoptions
We are not yet able to start homing our cats but we have found a home for Nina, one of the kelpie crosses we recently admitted and someone is coming to see her brother Jay on Saturday. It would be nice if he also was adopted, he must be missing the company of his sister.
One lucky bunny was adopted by a lady who already has two of our rabbits - Truffles has left us and if he fails to mingle with the other  buns, then owner Edyth will return here for another  female to keep him company.
On a sadder note,  we lost Bluebell, the handsome big chinchilla looking rabbit who started fitting and passed away at the Veterinary Surgery. On investigating her history, we discovered that her
previous companion , her sibling, had also died after suffering severe fits.There was clearly some genetic weakness, a shame we were not made aware of this though it was unlikely to have made any difference to her ultimate condition.

Llama Trouble Again
After being very calm and settled here,  Rudy one of the llamas is now trying to assert his dominance over Santa and he has attacked him on a few occasions.The noise he made  was so heartrending and pitiful that it scared the life out of me .  The horses were not too impressed either. They were all huddled together and staring over at the Llamas field with great concern .
We have just had a home checked out for Rudy and Santa,  but I am now  concerned that another move will create yet more problems .  I am investigating the pros and cons of having them neutered.They are 10 years old and so any improvement in their behaviour is unlikely to occur within the next year (if at all) but leaving them entire does not seem to be a viable option at the moment. I also feel that they need to have separate paddocks, next to each other but separated ,and separate sheds in which to sleep. The logistics of this are evading me right now but I will put my thinking cap on again tomorrow and try to resolve the issue.
Will the problems never end?

PS: I have not yet had a blood test as Dr wants to leave me till end of year! I am starting to feel as though the PA is all in my imagination and that the original diagnosis 12 years ago did not in fact happen! I feel constantly spaced out (more than usual) constantly exhausted and the most unusual symptom of all (for me) is that I appear to have lost my appetite!!!!! At least I'll lose a few pounds!

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kim said...

Hey were so pleased Oddie is safe and sound.It was nice seeing Mei walking up the lane with him in a basket today.Oddie your GROUNDED lol