Saturday, 11 February 2012

Diesel has Good Results.

A good result for Diesel.
Diesel had his appointment at the Opthalmic specialist and it is much better news than I feared. He has mild Glaucoma and when he is scared his pupils enlarge making him look as though he has sight problems. He seems to become scared of new situations/environments but overall he is a lovely dog. As he grows older, he will eventually develop full blown Glaucoma but he will not go blind in a few years as we had first believed and now we can place him for adoption.  Great news for this friendly youngster.

The Shar Pei Pup at the Liverpool Shelter
Have any of you read about Inky the abandoned Shar Pei pup in Liverpool? If not, please  read his story on the main website. When Helen the manager emailed me about him and sent the photos, I wanted to reach out and comfort the little chap. Without getting myself really wound up and angry, I just want to say that thank goodness he ended up at Freshfields where I know the caring people there will give him everything he needs and he will not be without lots of cuddles. One thing we are known for at this charity is our true compassion, it is not just a job , we all genuinely love the animals in our care, why else would staff work for low wages and hard work and heartbreak? Whoever reads this at  the liverpool shelter , please give Inky a hug from me and everyone here in Wales.

Kelpie crosses.
We see many kelpies crossed with collies at this shelter, they are very popular as working dogs but of course that in its turn means that we admit a fair number of them. brother and sister Jay and Nina (pictured below)were admitted yesterday and are being boarded at local kennels. At nine months of age they are young enough to adapt well to pet homes and are loving friendly  animals. There is no reason for farms to have all these unwanted dogs with options now to have their dogs neutered free of charge at local veterinary surgeries. I try to push this whenever  farm dogs are admitted  , and some farmers have been pleased to receive the information. Most, annoyingly, have shown no interest whatsoever!  What must the next step be? Random calling to farms? Perhaps a focus on certain areas of rural Wales ? An almost impossible task and who would do it? It could help some dogs which would otherwise be churning out pups every season and even if it only had a 10 percent success rate, that means a few less litters being born. Every little helps. Nevertheless it would be a difficult scheme to set up and would require a huge amount of funding to employ people to implement the scheme. This is definitely  to be added to my lottery win plans!

An Old Kittiwake
Around Christmas time, Rosie found a dead Kittiwake on the beach at Aberdesach, it was ringed and she asked me to contact the authorities to report finding the bird.  Only now have I had a reply and we were amazed to discover the Kittiwake was around 20 years of age  and was ringed in Scotland in 1995.  If only he could have told us tales of his travels! How interesting that would be.

The First Kittens of The Year Arrive.
Mion is fostering our first kittens of 2012, The eight week old kittens were found on a caravan park and although probably born to a feral cat, the mother sadly had disappeared and the babies have been handled and fed by a kind person on the site. This will mean that instead of being wild babies, they are now domesticated and ready to be adopted.One kitten is  black and the other  white and tortoiseshell. It would be nice if they could be rehomed together.
We still have some cat flu on the site but it is going slowly but surely. I am hopeful that in another week we will be able to resume admitting cats. We stand a chance of being crushed in the stampede which will occur when we reopen our cattery doors, there are so many urgent cases waiting to be admitted.
I have  a vision of a large number of cats carrying suitcases waiting at our doors like the first day of the sales!

Colloidal Silver for cat flu
I am expecting another delivery of colloidal silver which I believe can be very efficiently used in the prevention and cure of various ailments for both humans and animals though excessive use can turn people a very strange colour! Don't try this at home! Actually, you would have to use an awful lot over a long period of time for such an effect to take place and with all medications, natural or otherwise it is never sensible to overmedicate.
 Unfortunately we had run out of the product recently but  on previous occasions when we have used it on any cats  beginning with a virus, it has stopped it in its tracks. I have also  tried homeopathy in the past with some small success but with so many cats it is very time consuming and in the end I have resorted back to conventional treatments.  I would not  suggest that people ignore advice from their Veterinary Surgeon , but sometimes when conventional medicines fail, that may be the time to do a little research into alternative treatments.

Pernicious Anaemia:
Have I endured 12 years of distress for nothing?As most of my readers will know, I have absolute terror of injections and all things medical.
I am a little concerned about my situation at the moment. My Dr has suggested I may NOT have pernicious anaemia due to the results of a blood test showing my levels were within normal range. He wants me to go without treatment for several months and then have another test. Those who run the Pernicious Anaemia Society are horrified  and say that of course my levels will be higher because i have been on B12 injections for 12 years which  keep me stable.They  have told me that going without treatment can have severe and life threatening results.  I have to go back and face another test next week which fills me with terror though am not too keen on ending up in a wheelchair either! 
It  appears to be something about which most GPs have only a smattering of knowledge and I have just discovered that there are now tablets available  to treat the condition, so I wonder why I was told that there was no alternative to the injections?

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