Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Can't think of a Title!

Photos at last!

Here are two of the three cats admitted the other day. I was unable to get a good photo of Lucas but anyway Lucas its actually a female(?) and is almost identical to Mum Queenie shown here. Ginger  cat Cochyn (now called Corky)is a handsome little cat but I have a liking for tabby cats and tabbies with ginger interspersed with the stripes are so pretty. My very first cat when I was a child was a tabby and it has remained my favourite colour in felines.
So  how is it that I have three jet black cats ? (currently asleep on my bed)
I have also never been a great fan of Jack Russells but have seldom been without one and have three  at the moment!
Having always been a fan of big dogs, I always hankered after an Irish Wolfhound and have never had one. I think we animal welfare workers have a sense of guilt about choosing animals which would 
be easily rehomed and we tend to keep the ones with problems which nobody else wants. Even the pedigrees I have kept have been either very old or had health or attitude problems. Not that I have any feelings of regret over those, in their way they have all been characters and I have loved them all in spite of their difficulties(sometimes this has endeared them to me even more!)

So many people want a specific colour , especially when they look for a  cat ,and yes, we may all  have our preferences but I often wish that the overall deciding factor every time should be not colour or appearance but which cat is most in need. When that happens I know that the person is a genuine cat lover who wants a cat for the right reasons and that I can truly relate to. Having said that , I know many want to replace a pet  they may have lost and because they ask for only a ginger or a grey, it does not mean that it is not a good home. I would say that a high percentage of our cats go to people who are looking for a cat to fit their criteria, either by age or colour and I have no doubts about the quality of       home offered but when someone asks for the cat which has been here the longest, it warms my heart just that little bit more.

One dog and one cat rehomed this weekend.
Tipsy the cat had been here since last June so we are all delighted for her that she caught the eye of cat lover Margaret in Pwllheli. Eight months is too long for any animal to be in a shelter.
Mindy the scared little collie found a home in Formby,Merseyside.(10 minutes  from the Liverpool shelter). so when she  develops her confidence, she will have lovely walks in the nearby sand dunes and pinewoods.
I know where Mindy  is going to live, as I lived nearby when I was married and I walked my dogs along Formby beach and surrounding area It is a dogs paradise so she is a very lucky little lady.

The  deliberate breeding of crossbreeds.
Someone emailed me with  the idea that a cross border terrier/yorkie could be called a 'Borkie'!! Freshfields own 'Borkie' now named Dinky is  desperate for a home or rather it is me that is desperate for her to find a home! She is so loveable and affectionate but she is racing round the living room, on the sofa, off the sofa, on my head, off my head and round the room again and so it goes on until she falls asleep exhausted! Its exhausting just watching her.
Really she is  just a typical terrier pup and I do love her and hope someone nice turns up for her soon - Very soon!

A Dog Pound Lurcher gets lucky.
One of the pound dogs went to a foster home in Dolgellau and has been there for three weeks during which time we had him neutered etc. Elaine, the foster lady has been reporting back  to tell me how well he has behaved and what a nice dog he is, so of course I was able to tell any enquirers how he behaved in a home(many lurchers are kept outside as working dogs)which was of  great benefit. Danny Boy, as we named him was adopted yesterday by a couple on holiday but who had a Freshfields dog previously and has also had lurchers before.We hope that this proves to be a successful matching of dog and owners.
The Westie Sparky who was in foster care in Anglesey has also been adopted ,.Our foster person there Stefan has proved to be a great help with the smaller dogs which have needed emergency accommodation. His own spaniel loves  to play with the 'guests' and keeps them occupied for hours at a time. Lately there has hardly been a time when there has not been an extra mouth to feed in his home.As always we are very grateful to our foster carers. They are invaluable to a rescue centre like this which has to rely on such kind people offering their help. If we are to rescue some of the many unwanted dogs of this area  we depend on these temporary homes.  May they keep on coming!

Abandoned terriers.
Whilst the owner of the Pound kennels was busy elsewhere, someone abandoned two little terriers inside one of the empty pens! They look as though they may have been working dogs and they are most definitely from the same home. The two males appear to  know each other and get on well and they both have the same visible symptoms of neglect -  poor bodyweight(especially the older  one)no hair on noses and ears and dull coats.
Bertie and Teddy are being fostered together by Vanessa who works here with the horses; I do think the two dogs  could be separated from each other.They get on , but Teddy the larger one seems quite indifferent to her companion. We never split bonded animals but in this case there does not seem to be the sort of bond which would make one dog fret for the other if they were to be parted. It would be  easier to home separately but if they proved to be truly attached, we would make the decision to keep them together even if it took a lot longer to do so.
Bertie is on the left here  and ginger Teddy below.
Sorry about the names, lack of imagination I'm afraid. Every black patterdale or cross which comes in is named Bertie! Even the name Teddy has been given to numerous cuddly little dogs residing at Freshfields. Next time  I am going to throw the name finding over to my blog readers and hope that  we can find appropriate and more unusual  ones for the next admittances.

Still waiting for the grey pony's owner to sign him over.
The owner of the grey pony in need of an urgent place here, has still not been to sign him over officially and we are unable to do anything until this has happened. At least the weather is reasonable at the moment but I am keen to get him settled in/wormed etc as soon as possible.
I will give her till the weekend but after that something has to be done to secure the pony's future.

The Holyhead charity shop opened for the week raised just under £700!
Gwynedd Paranormal held a 'spooky' night at Glynllifon and raised £250

Thanks to all concerned for this very welcome help.

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