Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Diesels Eyesight .

The 'stray' dog which turned out to belong to the 'Finder'
is called Diesel and he has now been to the vet who has confirmed he has most likely got a degenerative eye disease which will result in him losing his eyesight by the age of 4  or five years. He is booked in to a canine ophthalmic specialist on Friday so we will know more about  it then, How sad for this youngster. Still, dogs are stoical adaptable creatures and I expect he will have just as fulfilling a life as any other dog. Will it make finding him a home more difficult? Well, it could go either way. Advertising him with this problem could result in  someone kind offering him a home or it could mean that nobody will want to take him on.  I prefer to think that his story will touch the heart of someone kind and he will be one of our Happy Ever After  stories.

More Information discovered about Diesel.
I have also now discovered that he nipped a child in his last home which is why they dumped him on us but how irresponsible  that was! We should have been told such a thing had happened so we could be careful where he was placed, I shudder to think of the possible consequences had we not managed to contact the original owner and get to the bottom of the whole business. It is obvious that this friendly dog has a lovely nature but the problem with his sight will be making him acutely nervous and any unexpected movements , especially from people he has not come into contact with previously, could scare him into nipping. This is not unusual behaviour when an animal is losing its sight but does not mean that the animal is dangerous, just that he needs a sensible owner and needs to be homed with adults.

 We have A New Foster Home in Dolgellau
As you know I am always raving on about foster homes, how much they are needed and lo and behold, I have received a call from Elaine who lives in  Dolgellau, she is already caring for her first Freshfields foster 'kid' which is a middle aged lurcher we have called Danny Boy. Elaine has fostered before for another charity so knows the ropes. Now I have  to advertise Danny Boy and arrange to have him neutered as soon as possible. I dont generally  have much luck homing this type of dog , most calls I receive are either for collies or small  poodle type dogs so  I need to really push for this boy. Anyone know a lurcher lover with space for another?

Please Beware of Rock Salt:
To my shock, I have just discovered that throughout the Uk hundreds of cats and dogs have died through licking rock salt off their feet. It contains a poisonous chemical which if animals get it on their feet and then lick it off can result in death to a much loved pet. I had just bought some to put down in the stable yard when it freezes over! There is no way I will use it now I have possession of this knowledge, how many others are unaware of the devastating effect this can have on pets? I cannot countenance the use of it with so many animals around.The cats are always  down there loking for rodents and they would stand no chance. What a waste of money and why is there not a warning for it to not be used where pets are likely to walk?

Do I have a New Office dog?
Ben, an 8 years old  ex farm collie is currently living in the office whilst we try to find a way of persuading him to walk on a lead. He is the sweetest gentlest of animals but all he wants to do is have his tummy tickled and he is not the slightest bit interested in going for a walk.I spoke to his owner about it and he just said "he's always been a lazy b......r!"  No loyalty there then! Poor Ben has been a farm dog all his life when all he has ever wanted is to be loved and petted. Well he has that now but will he stay or will he go? He is no trouble and very quiet and well behaved but I feel there is more for him in life than just sharing office time with me. Everyone here has fallen in love with him, even Rhian who is besotted with German Shepherds and is not that keen on collies, has taken him to her heart.

Wrong way Freddie!
I had to chuckle when I saw the horses queuing up as usual to come in for their evening meal. There was Swift (Jack)in the lead, followed closely by Shamrock, Merlin and Celt(the youngsters) then William and then there was  was Freddie! Someone tell him which way to go!

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