Friday, 3 February 2012

Give Me Strength!

Today a woman turned up with a stray dog she had found in her garden.As always we checked him for a microchip.Success.He was not wearing a collar and tag but at least  we could trace his owner through the chip.We asked the woman to fill in her details for our records(later found to be false) traced the owner who had given the dog away - to the finder! Quelle  surprise!
Unfortunately the woman had long gone by this time as she told me that she was unable to hang on to the dog due to the fact she had two other dogs which were unneutered and presumably not good with him. We then had to find emergency accommodation for him.

Altogether a good hour and a half was spent making telephone calls on her behalf.A total waste of  everyones valuable time when the simple truth would have sufficed. So now we have a cross greyhound staffie(the latest craze amongst lurcher people) to add to our animals up for adoption.He is a nice friendly dog  and appears to be no more than 12 months of age but he had clearly been given to a very irresponsible couple who thought they could get one over on the charity like so many. I suppose they thought by lying they would not be asked for a donation to help us with future costs or to make themselves look better in our eyes.Who knows?

Then I had the horrid job of telling a lady that her homecheck for a pup had not passed.This is never easy but this was for a collie cross and she lived in an upstairs flat with no yard or garden. Our concerns are for the animals and we have to try to do our best for them. It is not always easy to house train a puppy but even more difficult when you have nowhere to take the pup to train him/her. Having said that I know there are people who have done exactly that but not many I feel sure have been successful. All we can do is TRY to make the right choice for the pets in our care and I remain convinced that in most cases we make the right decisions.

Anyhow in this case my decision was ridiculed by the person in question who became  extremely angry and aggressive verbally and  even went as far as telephoning me  back to tell me that she was writing to her MP!!  I now am totally convinced the right decision was made.

On the positive side of things, Becky collie  was adopted and we had a pup brought in and rehomed 48 hours later . Life here is just full of ups and downs. Never Boring though!

Oh , and Jane staff is doing very well with her new family, here she is pictured having a cuddle on the sofa with 6 years old McKenzie. As you can see Jane has one eye  on  the photographer as though to say "Oh no, not another one obsessed with taking pics of me"
Sorry this is a bit short today, I have a bad bout of laryngitis and a chest infection so trying to finish early tonight. (the staff have thoroughly enjoyed the fact that I have almost lost my voice so am unable to shout at them!)
As if I ever do.

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john mike said...

hi,lost your voice lesley,thought it was quiet at the centre lately.feeling a bit rruff are we?