Saturday, 4 February 2012

Murphy is returned.

Contact Number needed:
Will the person who made a comment on the ferret please ring me if she is genuinely interested in giving her a home. There was no contact number  given.
Ring 01286 880808.

Thanks too to Kim who relayed the story of Fionnula who turned into a swan.I remember it now, i the legenmd she was one of the four children of Lir. Brings it all back to me.I was told this tale whilst in a pub in the depths of County Mayo, being entertained by locals playing the spoons and other instruments. One of the best evenings of my life.

Another Pony Returned:
Little Murphy shetland pony (below)was brought back from his loan home today. His owner had lost her job and could not afford to keep him. How often is this going to happen in the next couple of years? Horses are going to be the first cutback many  people will make.This week I have had a lot of calls asking me to take horses and I simply cannot take any more at the moment. I hate saying no, its upsetting and it preys on my mind .,I have to keep telling myself that I am not a miracle worker   and there I was thinking that I was !

The Stray Which Wasn't! 
Could this be a future title for a book?
The poor dog about which we were told lies seems to have an eye problem, for a young dog his eyes look a little cloudy. That definitely warrants a trip to the vet on Monday.He is very nervous and seems apprehensive being approached by people he doesn't know. He is going to his foster home tomorrow so we will learn more about his behaviour  then. Could this be the reason for the desperation to get rid of him - perhaps they knew he had a health isssue which needed treatment? We will know on Monday so look out for news then.

Staffie Belle comes to visit.
Rescued Staffie Belle (used to be Tess) now belongs to Steve ,a painter and decorater from Mold.Steve adores this Staffordshire bull terrier and she is truly one of our best success stories. Steve kindly helps out whenever we need anyhting collecting in his area and bringing to the shelter.This journey involved collecting saleable goods  from my sister in Prestatyn  for use in a temporary charity shop in Holyhead. Belle always accompanies Steve  and  their admiration  for one another  is clearly mutual. She was at the shelter for a very long time and we had almost given up hope of finding anyone for her when Steve and his wife took her in.

More Bunnies Arrive:
Two beautiful rabbits arrived today. Spayed female , and part Angora Fudge has an eye infection and a very dirty bottom. I quickly delegated that little job to Rhian! Although she has been cleaned up, she will need to see a Vet after the weekend. I want to try her with neutered male Cinammon but not until  any infection is cleared up.  The other bun is a female with a chinchilla type coat, a very pretty girl.  I think I will call her Bluebell.

Fudge,also pictured here with new volunteer Non. Non is here today so we can see if she is suitable for doing her work experience here in the summer. Judging from her work today we are all pleased and  we will definitely allow her to do her work experience at the shelter.

Adoptions today:
Two dogs,  Scooby collie and Angel collie which were being boarded at local kennels found new homes today but nobody came for the cats. The weather has been dreadful, pouring with rain and blowing a gale, maybe this has put off some people who may have been planning to visit. The main cattery is closed anyway due to a bout of cat flu but the kitten unit is still open for people to choose a pet .
Until the flu clears we will not be able to take in any more adult cats though I have a huge waiting list and when the time comes we will be deluged with new cats.

Teenagers in need of Homes:
These four beauties are just a  few of the half grown kittencats we have still in need of homes. We have been pretty lucky actually, many of them have been adopted but these which were fostered by |Mion have been very shy from day one .It  is only now they are starting to become friendly and domesticated enough to be placed for adoption.

The photo looks a bit blurred because it was taken through glass but you can still see that they are lovely little cats. Fingers crossed they will be chosen soon. Every year we have loads of these kittens left over from the influx of babies we admit  and there are always some which will be left behind  .but I have high hopes of these finding nice families for these to go to in the near future.

Fosterer Stefan takes on another dog:
Stefan who lives in Anglesey stepped into the breach today when I had an emergency email about a young West Highland terrier in need of a  place urgently.His own dog loves these foster 'children' and really enjoys playing with them and helping to make them feel at home.We have some very good fosterers at the moment though as soon as they really fall for one of their charges and decide they cannot face parting with it, then we lose the home for good.  Foster 'mum' Rona fell in love with 4 months old Freddie and he now lives permanently with her. Just a comment on this little pup, he came from a couple who said he was the most difficult dog they had ever known. Rona thinks he is a sweetheart, no trouble at all!! It's all about the right way of dealing with a dog and understanding dogs and Freddies story is proof of that.
Kin too fell in love with a handsome cross german shepherd and that was the end of that foster home.Still, at least they both give their time now to working at the shelter with some of our other animals so all was not lost in the end!

Now I have to face the wet and the cold to walk my dogs. Nightmare!

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