Sunday, 5 February 2012

No Visitors Today.

Having admitted two more rabbits, I received another call requesting help for 5 bunnies and 9 Guinea pigs! If there is anybody out there who could help and foster any of these please let me know because  we have facilities for only a small number of small pets and right now we are full to capacity. I am also trying to place a female pig, a very large  but friendly cross Gloucester Old Spot which needs a secure and permanent pet  home. There is space here but as there is still a chance the llamas may stay I need to keep that area empty for the time being and if I am perfectly honest , fond as I was of our own pigwigs,I am not too enamoured with the idea of more .This is a very cold exposed place and every winter I feared for their welfare and wellbeing.

Cross staff  Oscar (pic below)has been adopted at long last , and we have had a call today telling us that he is settling well. He has gone to live with a gardener who will be taking him to work with him once he feels he has bonded well enough with him. Oscar has simply not appealed to people, his web profile brought not one enquiry so we are thrilled he has now found someone to love him as he deserves.

We have had a very quiet day today, no visitors at all but sometimes it is good to have a breather in between the chaotic days.

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kim said...

Yehhhhh WTG Oscar.Im so pleased he has got another chance at being in a forever home.