Friday, 2 March 2012

We receive news of the Romanian dogs coming to Freshfields.

Communication with the Romanian dog shelter increases as we start to finalise details. So far six dogs have been chosen to come to the Uk . The remaining two have yet to be chosen but we have received photos of six of the lucky dogs . The final  eight will arrive on the 1st of April. Some of the dogs have been at the shelter for four long years and each time I speak to the  people trying to help these animals , I come off the telephone with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat.
If I thought we had it bad here, my god I really don't t know how they cope in Romania!

Theodora, the lady who  founded this rescue and who died recently, was my age and she collapsed after rescuing an abandoned pup in minus 24 degrees!! Her 25 years old daughter (who works as well ) has been left trying to run the sanctuary with the help of just two men who go in to feed the 300 strays  on the plot of land which does not even belong to them. Food is donated and sent from other countries. It is a  terrible situation for Gratiela to find herself in  and what we are doing is a drop in the ocean but we can do only what is possible for us , and there are many other rescues  both in the Uk and other countries which are doing their best to alleviate some of the problems these welfare workers face in truly dreadful adversity.

Six of the Chosen Ones.
These are six of the chosen dogs which will be travelling to the Uk .  They will arrive in England on the 1st April. Four will be going to Freshfields in Liverpool and the remaining four will be boarded at local kennels here in North Wales. Their names are from top to bottom - Spikey, Lizzie, Crispwel,, Honey,Panda and Geno. Some have been at the shelter for four long years and are crying out for attention and love. Panda and  Spikey's  stories  are  particularly horrific but they somehow  managed to survive and  along with their companions,  they  now have  their  first chance of a new and improved life.

Can you Help?
Please help us spread the word that those dogs need forever homes, they have had  extremely sad lives and we need dog loving families to come forward and offer them permanent loving homes. All will be passported, vaccinated and neutered and all have loving natures and get on with other dogs.

These photos to show conditions over there.The boxes are  covered in a desperate  attempt to give the dogs extra protection against the freezing conditions.

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Sue said...

Good luck to everyone involved in getting the dogs to Great Britain and especially good luck to the pooches themselves. May you find lovely homes for the rest of your lives to make up for the hell you have been through.