Saturday, 3 March 2012

In which I am a coward twice over!

Bookend Cats
I snapped  two of our free roaming  feral cats sitting back to back on the top of Kitty Kottage. They were enjoying a  rare sunny day ' up here in hills' ! You can see from their faces that they have that resigned look  and are no doubt  thinking ' Oh no she's got that bloody camera out again!'

From Liverpool With Love.
The Liverpool shelter sent up a van full of tinned cat food for our many felines. We were thrilled to bits as we have so few donations of pet food ,and our food bill is enormous. We feel like the poor relations ! The supermarkets around Merseyside  are generally very helpful to  local charities and Freshfields is allowed  pet food collecting  bins in various ones. Unfortunately we do not have the same success, we have tried local supermarkets but have been turned down repeatedly. Pets at Home in Bangor is the only place we have a donation bin, so we are forced to spend around £200 a week on cat food alone.
Receiving this donation  from Liverpool was a real boost and it was good to see Assistant Manager Collette and driver Sean again.
Thank you Freshfields Liverpool.

Bunny News
Rabbits Cinammon and Fudge came in separately  but have looked very lonely in their pens, so with some trepidation as rabbits can fight ferociously if they do not take to one another, we allowed them to meet. This is always done on neutral territory and in this  instance we used the kitten room as a place to introduce the pair. Having ensured all kittens were safely shut in their pens,  Gail put the two down on the floor of the room and within half an hour they seemed perfectly at ease. They are now two much happier bunnies sharing the one pen.  Cinnamon on the left is a neutered male and Fudge was spayed a few weeks ago. These are the only two we have at the moment , apart from Rogue Rabbit who is doubtful to ever find a home due to his aggression,  both with other rabbits and occasionally with his human carers too. I hate to see a rabbit living a solitary life  but  in his case it is imperative as he will attack another bun whether it is male or female. Such a shame.

More cats arrive.
Beautiful black cats Julius and Jess were admitted yesterday.Their owner has died and there was nobody in the family able to care for them. There was a third  cat but he managed to escape the basket  he was being placed in, but we hope he will arrive sometime  this weekend . These cats have been on our waiting last for three months and it is only now we heave been able to admit them. The flu in the main cattery is almost gone now but I still don't want to risk putting new cats in until the last cat is clear from it so we are still limited to just one unit in which we can put new cats. It is very frustrating when there are so many desperate for places but our hands are tied. It has been a particularly virulent strain.

The Grey Pony
The owner turned up yesterday to sign him over to the charity and she is bringing him tomorrow. His name is Tomas and he is 20 years old , I will be glad to know he is under our care , having been concerned about his welfare for quite some time.

Merlin Finds A Home.
One of our youngsters, Merlin (the coloured  gypsy type pony  )has found a home.
I write this with feelings of both pleasure that he will have a home  where he will receive more one to one attention, but also dismay that a great character and favourite will be leaving us. Merlin has been with us since he was four months of age and he is now 5 years  so is ready to be moved on, however he has such a lovely personality, there is no doubt we will all miss him.
He will be leaving us tomorrow and I for one, do not want to see him go! I will stay away when the horse box arrives, coward that I am.

I am a coward once again.
Little Sally the cross jack russell I have had in the house, has gone to a lady who runs a sanctuary for disabled pets. After three months, I feel I have got nowhere with her training and although I loved her dearly, she needed a home of her own . I did not feel she was going to find one whilst she was with me and she is going to be taught sign language and rehomed  once she is able to understand signing.  That said , although I know it was for the best, it did not make it any easier having to part with her. Once again I was cowardly and after  I had handed her over to John who was taking her to her new carer, I was so upset I had to stay in the house until the car had disappeared down the driveway! I don't know where I was when the bravery gene was handed out but clearly I was not around then either!

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