Saturday, 24 March 2012

Lady In A Hat

Meet Thomas, he was the one eyed partner of Pasha. He apparently lost his eye as a kitten and his previous owner had no idea what happened to him. We had noticed a few sores on his neck and feet and showed them to the vet when he went in to be neutered earlier in the week. Initially, like us Roger thought they were fight wounds but on further investigation he realised that he had a condition called "Plasma Cell Pododermatitis"

"Plasma cell pododermatitis is a rare disease of cats, with a probably immune origin. It is characterized by swelling and softening of multiple footpads with ulceration sometimes developing."
Treatment - "Suppression of this immune reaction is the core of therapy for cats in which therapy is deemed necessary. This involves injections of methylprednisolone acetate (depomedrol) or high doses of oral prednisone. A response is generally clear in 2-3 weeks with peak improvement taking as long as 3 months. A newer therapy that is emerging for this condition is pentoxifylline. Doxycycline, an antibiotic with immuno-modulating properties has also been used with some success"

I know we can all get sick of photos of Vanessa on here (Only joking honest) but I guess we can never get fed up of seeing photos of Larry Lamb, or Shaun the Sheep as some of us call him! At only 2 weeks old the little man is doing so well. Of course either Beckie or Suzi have to get in on the act, here Suzi making sure she gets in shot!
Mei is having her Operation on Tuesday, after wanting it so much now she's dreading it! Still hopefully it will be worth it for her in the end!
Can I take this opportunity to thank CK Internation for the donation of cat food. We really appreciate your efforts and the cats loved the pouches.
This is Lady, she is another dog rescued from a local pound. She's a fantastic looking dog with a great character. I do hope her breed type doesn't go against her having the opportunity of a home and a great life. I think we all know what fantastic characters Staffies can be when not placed with irresponsible owners.
Lady was spayed 2 days before coming in to have her photo taken, I must admit trying to get her out of the crate in the car with her hat on was quite funny, she just didn't get the joke!
Can I just quickly thank you all for your kind words regarding Kai. Following a spleenectomy earlier in the week he was diagnosed with lymphoma on the Friday and given 2 -3 months to live. Sadly the cancer went "wild" and we had no choice but to let our beautiful big boy go on Monday. I'm heartbroken and feel cheated of the time we should have had left together.

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