Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I'm Back.

Hi everyone, I'm back!
The holiday was great, I was relieved that I did not come across any needy animals on my travels.That is a first! The only stray I came across was well fed and although he started to follow me after I stopped for 'a chat'  with the idea of rescuing him from his life on the streets, when  his attempts at humping my leg was rebuffed, he soon lost interest and moved off!   Typical male.

It was good to see my own animals again and they were pretty pleased to see me too judging by the boisterous welcome I received.

The staff tell me that it has been very quiet whilst I have been away - I took this to mean that no animals were found homes , rather than the fact that my absence made life more peaceful!

Bonnie, our old  resident foxhound has a swollen toe so is off to the Vet today, Rhian thinks she has got it caught during one of her scavenging hunts.  The dear old girl (Bonnie, NOT Rhian) drives us all crazy with her constant search for food and ripping open of any available containers - bin bags, carelessly left lunch boxes- nothing escapes the attentions of  this very  determined  and focused dog. When she was first admitted 5 years ago , she was emaciated , and like many animals with  a history of neglect and abandonment,  she has never forgotten her days of hunger.

Shaun the sheep
I was so pleased to see that our little lamb is going from strength to strength and has grown fat and strong  in the short time I have been away. There is little doubt now that he will survive - well done Vanessa.
When he is old enough I will either  find him a good pet home or he will join our  small flock here at the shelter. As I type this, I can see the  staff   enjoying the sun by having their tea break outdoors and little Shaun is merrily skipping around their  chairs. He is a lucky little chap who will have a long life as a pet.

I am off to  have a panad myself (a cup of tea) and by the time  I write the next blog, I will hopefully be more in tune with all that has been happening and there will be some more photos. Also this will be the last blog accessed through the bloodspot address,In future go on to the main website and look on the menu bar at top where you will find Founders Blog.Hope to see you there!

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