Sunday, 4 March 2012

Merlin Leaves us and Tomas Arrives.

Have A good Life Merlin.
Our lovely Merlin was collected today and driven off to his new home.I was so thankful to hear he had entered the horse box without panic and had travelled well. Just before I started writing this blog, Mei had a call to say that he was grazing happily and his new companion was accepting of the newcomer in his field. All appears to be going well. Just before he left, I took a photo of him (in the middle)and his pals Shamrock and Celt in case I don't have an opportunity to do this again! At least the remaining two have each other and as I write this I can see them in the field and they are fine.They were a little troubled for the first two hours after Merlin left and were looking down the track for him but they soon settled
.I do hate this part of rescue, if I could I would keep them all!

New Pony Tomas Arrives.
Tomas arrived an hour before Merlin left and the three youngsters  were very interested in the new boy.Tomas, on the other hand was pretty laid back about being moved to his new home. Perhaps he was tired after his walk from the next village! He has quickly adapted to the different environment and after he has been wormed he will meet his group (in a few days). He will be joining the group which consists of Blue,Tangy, Rusty and Bobby and Murphy shetlands and he should fit in well with them.

Sallys progress
The news about Sally is encouraging, already she is starting to learn sign language and is showing great potential. Today  I feel loads better about parting with her  and realise that it was  not in her interest to stay here with me.I can't even train my own dogs, let alone a deaf one! I am ashamed to say that my dogs are an unruly lot, I think they take after me!! They say that dogs turn out like their owners and  mine are all a little 'off the wall'!

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