Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Criticism Received
We have received some criticism  from Welsh supporters over our decision to help the Romanian dogs. I expected that. I even understand (to a degree).Helen and I mulled over this decision for some time  and we still believe we are right to help.
The issue here is whether we limit ourselves to helping dogs in the UK. and whether we offer help to a bereaved young woman fighting an impossible battle in the most adverse of conditions.
Helping those dogs from overseas is not going to affect our work with Uk dogs , we continue to give shelter to these and neither Helen and I believe that an occasional helping hand given to animals (and a person)in dire distress in another country is going against the policies of the charity.

Normally I refrain from writing things which may be too distressing for readers but in order to explain the reason behind our decision, I would like people to understand is that the dogs we are helping come from a country where dogs are considered to be vermin and as such are treated in the most appalling ways imaginable. Our stray dogs have it good in comparison. 

Humane euthanasia would be a gift for some of those strays rounded up by the vicious dog catchers. two of the dogs we are taking were part of a stray pack and they are the only survivors - the others were caught and beheaded! One  sweet little female was raped and had her back legs cut off! That loving young dog Petronella has been fortunate to be homed in Germany where a  good life and a mobility cart is waiting for her. Thank goodness they did not turn their backs!

I  know that there will always be those who fail to understand and will feel all our funds should help animals here in the Uk  and they are entitled to their opinion but  If we can help just a small number  of these vilified , tortured dogs and in doing so  help  Gratiela with her enormous burden just a little, we believe it is justified. It will not affect the help given to dogs in  our area
Finally, we have mostly had a good response and those who have visited Romania have been particularly supportive, having seen for themselves how these animals are treated. A foster home (and possibly a permanent one) has already been offered for one of the dogs for which I am very grateful. Thank you Sara.

New Pony Tomos
Tomos is very quickly settling into his new routine and already is following the other ponies in at night.They all trot into their respective stables and Tomos too, heads to the correct place. He appears happy to be with the other ponies and  follows them everywhere. He has lived out for several years and his companion was rehomed  a year ago- he must have missed her company a great deal. All he had was a lone sheep for companionship. A neighbour had kindly put the sheep in his field for that purpose but I am pleased to know that he will go back to his original home now.

Noddy seems depressed
Our little old shetland Noddy does not seem to be himself this past two weeks and seems downcast.
He is eating but having some problems with the pony nuts and it seems likely that he is in need of another dental.Fortunately , Andre,  the  Equine Dentist is booked to visit soon  but he is making a special trip to see to Noddy this Friday. In the meantime we have placed Noddy  on a  diet of chopped grass  with sugar beet and his usual vitamin supplements, garlic, msm and seaweed.
I can scarcely believe that Noddy will be 39 this year and that he has been with me since he was just eight years!  Noddy's pal Grandad  who is pictured below kindly helping Rhona distribute the hay,  must  also be in his  thirties now .The years seem to fly by so fast.

5th April
Our next fundraiser is The Easter fair at The Royal Sportsman Hotel on the 5th April, 11am - 2pm.
 If you are local please do your best to attend or if you can bake a cake or two , donate a raffle prize or help in any other way please let me know as soon as possible.

19th May.
Cheese and Wine evening;
Church hall, Dingle Car Park, LLangefni, Anglesey LL77 7DY
Tickets £5 (available currently  from the shelter)   Ring 01286 880808 More venues for  tickets will be published soon.
Cheese and Wine evening with talk and slide show by local birding company' The Biggest Twitch'
Come and see pictures of  Alan Davies and Ruth Millers amazing experiences on their world travels to successfully beat the world birding record. A must for bird lovers but also an opportunity for Freshfields supporters to get together and enjoy a  chat. Their  interesting and often funny book  about their travels will also be on sale and they will be happy to sign copies.
I will  also be signing copies of my book (The Dog with No Name) If you have already bought a copy and would like me to sign it, please bring it along.I look forward to meeting some of you.

22nd July
The date for our annual Open Day. Please make a note in your diary
More details at a later time.


suzanne said...

I wish you the very best with your work to help the Romanian dogs. I can't understand how anyone who claims to love animals can fail to want to help them. I was sickened to hear of their treatment - thank god for good people like you! I hope those who criticise your work will change their minds when they understand the situation a little better. Long may you continue your amazing work, my family and I support you 100 percent!

wengue said...

notHello Lesley,

Living in a country like Greece where the treatment of animals is also apalling, I just wanted to say thet without the help of charities and organizations such as Freshfields, many of our rescues would not stand a chance. Many people in animal loving nations such as the UK simply cannot imagine the level of suffering and abuse that animals go through in other countries, due in part to cultural differences. I was sick to read about what these dogs had to go through, yet you are right to inform people. Your decision to help give 8 dogs a new life is couragous, compassionate and beyond generous. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and bravo!

lesley said...
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