Monday, 18 July 2011

A Very Handsome Duo.

Thought you would like to see A video of our most recent equine arrivals Caradog and Phoebe, these two are inseparable  - Caradog is extremely shy but getting better all the time and Phoebe also is a little apprehensive of being handled at the moment. Both need some more work doing with them to become more accustomed to having people handle them and be around them but they are lovely animals and Caradog (the big one) in particular elicits many admiring looks and comments from visitors. They are so healthy it would be a shame for them to spend their lives here so we are hopeful that eventually we will find a nice home where they can remain together.

It seems very quiet here on the horse front as  half are on their summer holidays elsewhere, but I have just heard that the carer of one of our ponies  is very poorly, she has had two ponies on loan for several years and one has already been  moved to another loan home so the remaining pony  has to be sorted out fairly quickly. I hope it can wait until after next Sunday!

I have just  had a lovely letter telling me that Ember and Fred Shetlands have adapted well to their new surroundings in Conway, now if we could find a similar home for Heather and Paddy we would only have the elderly shetland ponies left to winter here at the shelter. This is both a sanctuary and a shelter which means that the old and infirm will have a home for life here (thats why I am here!) but we do attempt to find homes for the younger and fitter ones. If we kept them too there would  not be enough space/stabling for those ponies which desperately need our care. We are always being asked for riding ponies and horses but it is seldom we receive such animals, most come here because they cannot be sold for one reason or another . It is unusual to have two like Caradog and Phoebe who have no health problems at all. Most of the homes we find are with people who simply want pets they can care for and enjoy, or as a companion to a solitary horse which is lonely and in need of a friend. Keeping on top of the homechecks for these out on loan is proving difficult and we really need a little band of people to help us in this way.  Our horses are placed all over Gwynedd and all areas need to be covered. Is there anyone out there who could help us in this way? Let me know if you can.

One of our old permanent cats has vanished, she has not been seen for a few days.  Tiddles has been living contentedly here for a few months, she seldom leaves the warmth and comfort of the conservatory and NEVER misses her food so this is very unlike her. I hate it when this happens and I know how people feel when they phone me to report their pets missing.  Its that feeling of not knowing that kills you. Over the past ten years  three of our cats have disappeared like this, not a huge number considering we have so many here but with all three I never found out what had happened to them and still wonder now, years after they vanished. The common denominator with them is that they were all very elderly so it doesn't take much imagination to realise their fate. I can't help wonder why all the others don't disappear too, if they are looking for a quiet place to end their days? It doesn't make sense to me. Any comments about this from anyone? I would be interested to hear other view points.

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