Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Meet Jackson

This handsome hunk is only 10 months old and already looking for a new home. Jackson who came to us yesterday is being fostered by Vanessa and has fit in with her family really well. Whilst Vanessa was out yesterday afternoon he had broken out of the crate and she came home to find him fast asleep in the basket with her elderly German Shepherd, Gem. Nothing had been moved or broken in her home, a credit I think to the character of both dogs. Vanessa describes him as a surprisingly gentle dog who has sadly had no training. Anyone considering a new friend in their life could surely consider Jackson?
Barney's home visit passed with flying colours and now that he has lost the "bits" that he no longer needed, he will be going to his new home tomorrow. I'm sure he will settle in brilliantly as we have found him to be the most pleasant of characters.
Talking of characters, I've fallen in love with a tiny black kitten. Larry, as I've now christened him is much smaller than the rest of the litter and has had an eye infection. This doesn't seem to have bothered him in the slightest, I guess what he lacks in size he makes up for in personality.... Anyway, I have tried at home, but sadly Stevie say "NO!"


kim said...

wishing Barney lot and lots of luck in his new home.I fell in love with him too

Graham&June said...

Just to let all of you know Barney
has settled in his new home with us very well.And he also loves Paws our Rottweiler very much and we love him to bits!