Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Jackson finds a Friend in Paddy

We had a trial run through today erecting the gazebos which we will be using on our Open Day.Well, I say "we" but in fact it was Jason(Vanessas partner) and John handyman extraordinaire! (he will like that title) who put their backs into it and very well they did too. Mind you they were of the pop up variety so even John couldn't go too wrong there! Seriously he has been brilliant lately and has stayed late painting and tidying around so good on him.
There was a moment of sheer panic when  there appeared to be a large part of the tent missing  and my heart sank until there was a  triumphant shout from Vanessa who was rummaging in the depths of one of the storage containers, thankfully  she  had found the  lost items.Panic (temporarily) over. I dare say there will be many more such moments in the lead up to Sunday. I am running round like a scalded cat(what a horrid saying) issuing instructions on jobs which still need to be done and  trying in my inimitable and disorganised way to pull everything together in time for the weekend.

Jackson the cross staff is doing well with my dogs and in particular he appears to have become   Paddys biggest fan. Paddy was bemused by this  newcomer who was gazing up at him  and wagging his tail and then  jumping up to lick his nose.He even had a  little game of "Chase me" with him. Paddy does occasionally display a sudden burst of energy and will have a little gallop round the field but it is generally fairly short lived and he will then slump back into "Its all too strenuous " mode again. I have now discovered that Jackson is only a pup at 10 months, he has lived with a cat and a dog so that explains his  tolerance with other animals.He is also(like so many staff types) excellent with children.,Altogether he will make  a great family pet. Lets hope someone will see him and appreciate all his good qualities.
The bottom photo shows Meg Lurcher with Jackson and Patch the scouse Jack Russell. He is around 11 years now and is the bane of my life(but I do love him). He is like one of those children about whom people say "only his mother could love him!"

There is still no sign of our old cat and I feel now she will not turn up so with sadness I have to accept she is gone. Another little cat has had to leave us today, poor little soul came in looking not quite right and he has been confirmed as having feline peritonitis and is in advanced stage. The decision to let them go is still so very hard even after all these years and I know both Gail and Rhian had a soft spot for little Huw which made  it so much harder for them.

Finally I have to now finish the posters I am doing for next weekend so I will do my best to fit in another blog before Sunday but dont be too annoyed if it doesn't happen!

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