Friday, 1 July 2011

Will Jojo Find A Home?

The old staff caravan has been demolished this week, it was falling apart - I am surprised it didn't fall down of  its own accord! We will be replacing it with a better (second hand)one next week so once again we will have a staff canteen.It has been odd not having somewhere to sit and have a panad(cup of tea) fortunately it has not rained much and we have been able to sit outside and enjoy our tea breaks.
When it was being pulled down there was some fibre glass floating about for a short time and several of the staff have had allergic reactions (including me)but the worst affected was Lucy the 11 yrs old office dog who has had to have a trip to the vet for treatment, she was scratching so much she made herself bleed. Deadly stuff that fibreglass.

A lady brought in a young staffordshire bull terrier for me to asess and takea photo of for advertising purposes. Its so very hard to home these dogs as we all know but there are 5 on my waiting list at present including one in the Dog Pound so I want to try and evoke some interest in the breed. This dog (pictured here) seems a very nice natured dog and he likes other dogs too which is a bonus.He was taken off someone trying to sell him in exchange for drug money. How sad for the innocent animal!
There is another urgent case at the moment,I am trying to find a home for the dog I mentioned about 2 weeks ago.I did not explain the full details because it was so distressing but let it suffice that the poor dog in question is now away from his brutal owner and even better news - he has failed to claim him.I am delighted so will be going all out to find him a loving home. Once he is in my care I will be able to post a photo .Speaking of dogs in need , does anyone know a person who could give  a home to a 13 years old yorkshire terrier? That's another one which is urgent due to the owner moving soon to a flat where she cannot take her little dog.
Honey lurcher who was homed not so long ago is being returned I'm afraid, she is another with separation anxiety, I have no idea right now what I will do with her though hopefully an amazing plan  will pop into my mind at exactly the right moment and with a bit of luck that moment of mental clarity will occur BEFORE she arrives!

On the cat front, our kittens have had a week of being up and down with feeding and some have had the runs so we are unable to take in or rehome any until at the moment .Thankfully they are all getting better  and we have not lost any which can always be  a possibility with a room  full of youngsters, many of which have not had a good start in life.
This year our beautiful nesting swallows have been successful rearing all their babies and it is a joy to see them swooping over the fields, they have nested in the agri building and even the upheaval going on has seemingly left them unconcerned , they are still in and out of their nest and thriving. Isn't nature wonderful. When I was walking in the fields last night there were dozens of Ghost moths flitting in and out of the damp grass , they seem to enjoy the dampness and are always more prevelant at such times.
When you look closely at them they have a  furry head, there must be a reason for it but I have yet to find out the purpose - maybe it is to attract  female moths?If there are any moth and butterfly experts out there let me know or I could just look it up on the net!

There is a couple from manchester coming up to the shelter tomorrow to meet Jojo our lovely white cat who had ear cancer and has had to have her ears amputated like old Eric.Its such a common problem with pure white cats, really if they cannot be kept out of the sun(if and when we have some!) they should always have high factor sun protection on their  ears which are very sensitive and vulnerable to  extreme exposure.Pictured here is Joj shortly after her operation. She is such a nice cat,I do hope they will fall in love with her.

I have been told that a team of people who work at Pets At Home  headquarters in Cheshire are planning a sponsored trek up Mount Snowdon to raise sponsorship for us. if we had more of these sort of events going on throughout the year it would make such a difference to us financially so every effort made by supporters is so much appreciated.

Don't Forget -Catherines Garden Open day is this Sunday at Gell Farm in Criccieth.(on the main road from Caernarfon to Criccieth.)


soo said...

Hi Lesley,
Really sorry to hear that the lovely Honey is being returned. Was she homed as an only dog or did she have some doggy company? Also, were her owners away much or was her SA triggered even after short spells of being left?
Fingers crossed for Jojo too - we used to have a lovely cat who was earless and it never bothered her - or us - one bit! : )

Alison said...

Jojo is at the vets tonight for her jabs. She was relaxing on the bed with me this morning before I went to work. She loves tuna fish! She is getting on fine with my other cat Jack and she settled in from the word go. Jojo is such a beautiful sweet natured girl and now has her forever home with us. She will be spoiled rotten. I will send some pics to you soon. Very best regards, Alison & Paul.