Monday, 25 July 2011

The Open Day is A Success.

What a fantastic day we had.The weather was perfect, around 460 people attended and everybody seemed to be having a lovely  time. As usual the dog show attracted a lot of people anxious for their pets to show off their appeal and good looks.  Sadly Although we made much of the fact we had dogs desperate for homes , none attracted any serious attention  though one kitten was reserved. Next year at the dog show, I think we will have a parade of dogs in need of homes which may be a better forum for them.Better to see the actual dogs than a photo on a  poster.Another big draw is the display by the Ynys Mon dog training team whose display of  "dancing with dogs" went down a treat with everybody .Fun was also had by those who had a go with their own dogs at our agility course (set up for the day only) Who knows, one day we may be seeing one of them on the X Factor!

Guess won the Best Rescued dog class in the Dog Show?  Our handsome Teddy the abandoned three legged GSD pup, of course he is now 8 months old  but still incredible looking and he manages so well without the damaged leg he once dragged about. It was great to see so many of our own dogs again and especially good to see dear Gel, the middle aged collie who now spends his time   in Hampshire/Spain. It was a real treat to see him again and looking so happy.A different dog entirely to the sad neglected animal he once was. It totally made my day.(and I  was so pleased  I  completely forgot to take a photo!)

Sorrell the horse which needs a hernia operation  attracted some interest and support from visitors and there was £70 collected for her in a special fund raising appeal.We will be forging ahead with this appeal now Open Day is over and done with for another year.Now I can concentrate on Sorrells Fund and hopefully by next year she will be able to have the operation which will cost at least £2,000.
Morris was also popular, his gentle nature made him a hit with children and he is always happy to have a pat or two and a bit  of admiration!

The Teddy Bear Stall was manned by my sister Sandra and her twin daughters (Talitha and Lucinda)accompanied by Talithas sons Reuben and Atticus.  all Pictured here wearing their best smiles for the camera.Reuben aged 4 was a great help on the stall, as someone was handing over money for a toy, he announced "of course you know it doesnt work but it doesnt matter does it?"
Salesman of the year he is NOT!!

Altogether the day went really well, there were a few minor glitches which were to be expected but by and large it was agreed that this was our best Open Day yet.Well its only the third one but its getting better every time.
Naturally the sun coming out is always a great bonus, everyone is happier when not having to shelter from wind and rain.

It has been hard work getting the day organised and the staff are all tired today but still here cleaning out the animals  etc. They had a party in the evening to wind down and enjoy themselves but it came to an early finish  when Mei fell face down off some hay bales(?) and was taken to hospital with possible concussion. After an overnight stay she is back home but has a broken nose and has had stitches to her lip.Suffice it to say that she will not be happily posing for any photographs over the next week or so !
The top photo shows stalls set out in the stable yard.Now we have  had the area concreted it is so much cleaner and greatly improved.
A few people who had not been here for a few years commented on the difference to the shelter, of course when you live and work here every day it doies not always seem that much has been done but really there has been a great deal of improvement over the ten years. I will only feel truly content when the cattery is pulled down and rebuilt.THEN I will feel that we are getting somewhere. It does take a long time to get work done with limited funds but little by little the work is beign done.


John H said...

It was a lovely day - the sun shone for once. The food was great and a good cuppa too!
I'd have happily asked for a dozen cats but the six we have at home might not take to yet more in the house.
Hopefully our small donations will help you help the animals.

Lacie said...

Wow! Looks like you had a great day, and so lucky with the weather.
The parade sounds like a fabulous idea as they can 'strut their stuff' infront of an eager crowd, and generally show just how beautiful they are! I wish you lots of luck!