Saturday, 16 July 2011

I'm Back.

I returned from holiday last night , enjoyed the break and respite from animal problems though couldn't resist stopping almost every person who walked past me with a dog - to talk to the dogs, not the people! I spent 6 days in France and the last night in Liverpool where friend Diane lives. It was nice to see that there were no stray dogs (saw only 2 cats) and all those dogs I did see were well cared for and accompanied by humans. I spent some time at a bird reserve in Arcachon (near Bordeaux)where there were Storks nesting - a fantastic sight but It was lovely to  arrive home and have such a warm greeting from my pets.Even Holly no ears the cat who loves to spend the night on the tiles(or rather in the fields) refused to go out, preferring to lie next to me all night purring away.I think it meant she was glad to have me back. Either that or she knew she would persuade me to give her an extra sachet of food! Yes that was probably far more likely.
I was thrilled to discover Cleo and Barney had been adopted and today a gentleman came to see another dog Glenn which  sadly turned out to be unsuitable. He was about to leave empty handed with his own dog who had not taken to Glenn at all , when I suddenly thought of Gel who has been living in the house with me. He is only 3 years old and although I had resigned myself to keeping him, it was not the ideal option for such a young dog.   As luck would have it, the two dogs appeared to get on well and the gentleman fell in love with Gel. .It was a bit of a shock, this collie  has been returned twice, once for chasing cars and also for jumping up aggressively at someone. Although I always have to take seriously the comments made about returned animals, With this dog I can only say that we have never seen any sort of aggression in him whilst he has been here although we have noted his problem with cars. I never withhold the truth about animals so often these bad habits understandeably put off prospective owners.This time ,however, it happily failed to do so and so off Gel has gone to a new home.I can only hope that his problems do not become an issue though I always half expect to see such dogs back at the shelter eventually. Lets hope it wont happen in this case, he is such an affectionate animal, it would be wonderful for him to have a place he can truly settle in.
The staff have obviously worked hard whilst I have been away, lots of preparation work for the forthcoming Open Day has been done, the stable yard has been concreted and looks so much better, what a differnce that will make when winter arrives. Speaking of the weather ,fingers crossed for the  Liverpool Open Day tomorrow.The forecast is not good but it is not always correct so please will everyone send positive 'sunny' thoughts for a successful day over in Ince Blundell. There is just over a week to go before we have our own annual Open Day and Dog Show and this coming week will be a very busy one for all of us here at the Welsh Shelter. We could still do with some people baking cakes if there is anyone able to help us in that way? Please telephone if this is something you may be able to do.Also if you have any chairs
or benches we could use - last year we were desperately short of seating.

There are three adult cats reserved and it has been fantastic news to hear that Apollo and Taz have gone to live with their former companion (and Apollos brother)Max. I was starting to think nobody would take on these two beautiful but older cats. How wonderful that all three displaced cats have found a home together.
Photos of the Lucky three - Apollo the handsome longhaired and Really Huge tabby is on the left and brother Max bottom left with  11 years old mum Taz on right.
It is still hopelessly quiet on the kittens  front so I will be contacting the local newspaper on Monday, perhaps they will consider publishing an article about this desperate situation. This year we must have more grey and grey and white kittens  than ever before and they  are usually snapped up.I keep telling myself that it is holiday time and by the end of August all these gorgeous babies will have been adopted.Lets hope that will happen.

I had a call this morning about a stray terrier in Bangor which a lady is trying to find for us, she says he has a matted coat and looks weary.Poor dog, hope she finds him and contacts us. Another such dog is a lurcher in season(Oh no!) in Machynlleth. She has been wandering about for four weeks and has evaded all attempts at capture. We are trying to get a dog trap there but we need someone with a transit van to or similar to transport trap and help with catching her..The trap is quite large and is currently in Blaenaufestiniog. If anyone knows someone who might help with this problem please ring  me. I will keep everyone informed about these two   cases.

I have just noticed the photo of staff 'WORKING HARD'. Mmm!

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