Friday, 22 July 2011

Roy Makes a Faux Pas!

Here is a photo of the beautiful rabbits, now called Tilly and Lucy after my twin nieces. Whether they will find this flattering is dubious especially as their full names are Talitha and Lucinda. (the nieces not the buns)At least I will soon know if they bother to ready my blog!
I decided  I had to publish this photo of Roy and the story behind it.
Today has been manic with lots of deliveries and preparations  for Sunday and Roy as usual was happy to give his time to help out tidying up and painting. Then he got a bee in his bonnet about finding a bigger pot for this plant which he said would be potbound as it was far too big for the pot (see photo)and did  I have some compost. I said I did but failed to see what difference it would make to a tree made out of plastic. Do you think Roy looks suitable embarassed?
.It reminded me of when my sister stayed in my house and when I returned from wherever I had been she was very cross with me for allowing a potplant to dry out so she had left the silk hydrangea plant in a sink of water to try and rehydrate it!

The pound dogs are in and so so nervous.There is an elderly Jack russell, a youngone about 12 months and a cross JR/collie pup. I hate to see dogs cower when you open a door or lean down to stroke them. here is a pic of the pup and the young JR called now George and Hughie respectively. I have yet to take a pic of the older one. I wonder if they are all from the same farm, the young one and the older one were picked up together! Wherever they came from and whomever they belonged to failed to claim them and the apprehension these little dogs are showing is just not right at all.
One of the collies went to a home today, the lady has already hadFreshfields dog for 15 years and  I know Megan will have a lovely home there. The people are coming for Nell on Sunday and Floss should be adopted also this week, A successful homing of this trio of collies.

geri the lovely little ginger cat has been given a home by one of the staff here - Sue whom is a great cat lover has fallen in love with her. This is why nobody whom works at an animal shelter has an animal free house!


john mike said...

cmon lesley,tell the story about the dwarf mop [i can feel you blushing now]de

Anonymous said...

Great work Lesley - Hope yto see you all again soon - Naomi

Anonymous said...

Great work you all do Lesley. Hope to see you all again soon

crisky said...

I feel very lucky to have the rabbit named after me - but just wondering why it took you so long?