Sunday, 17 July 2011

Mei and Jackson Share a Kiss (or three)

What an awful day for the Liverpool Open Day, I feel so sorry for them as I know they will have all put so much work into the preparation, every year the staff there stay and work  extra hours, often into the evening , painting and generally getting everything ready so how disappointing for everyone. Will ours be the same next sunday?I hope not but its anytbodys guess as the weather is so very unpredictable.

Some good news is that the lurcher in Machynlleth has been caught after a local vet gave her sedative tablets in food, she was eventually caught as she slowed down and there is someone caring for her at the moment with the view to keeping her i she settles with his own two dogs. What a relief! I woke up this morning, looked at the weather outside and thought of this dog trying to keep warm and dry, so I am over the moon that she is no longer on the loose.

Regarding the other little stray, Roy went out to have a look for him/her and after making some enquiries he felt the dog had an owner in the area, though considering the poor state his pet is in, it is small wonder people thought the dog was a stray or abandoned. We will still be looking out for him to try and do something to improve his life.

Our animal videos are succeeding where photos have often failed. The lovely grey tabby kitten shown on Flickr was spotted by great cat loving supporters of ours and he has gone today to join their feline family. Freshfields facebook page is also proving to be a good place to show some of our older animals. 12 years old Smokie has found a home  this way, I will be delivering him to a home on Merseyside when I go to liverpool  for a trustee meeting on 27th of this month.

All three collies featured on the blog the other day have all now had interest shown in them, so pending homechecks they may all have hit the jackpot! Speaking of that wouldn't it be lovely if  for once a lottery winner would also be an animal lover and plan to help some struggling animal charities (like Freshfields maybe?).  I am so tired of reading about offenders winning large sums of money, or lager louts, and my own personal dislike - those who insist that their lives will not change!!!!!! What is that all about?  Imagine what could be done to help the abused and unwanted animals of this world if one of us had won £162 million. Now if any of you are the winner, I would like a  very large cheque sent in the post ASAP and if you would like to add a smaller (but still  outrageously generous) cheque for my own personal use I can promise you that my life would definitely change thanks to your generosity!

Check out this video if you would like to see why I chose the title for todays blog! See story below.

Jackson the cross staff is a rather nice animal and has been no trouble at all, he and Meg lurcher are getting on fine in the house.  He is full of fun and affection, as  indeed is Mei shown here with him, and I think it highly possible that once this video hits youtube, that she too may be offered  a loving home!

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