Thursday, 7 July 2011

Barney has been Rescued.

You will all be pleased to know that the mistreated dog I have been mentioning over the past week or so has finally come into our care and how glad I am too. Had the owner claimed him it would have been a travesty for this animal and now he can be found a truly kind owner. In spite of the terrible treatment he suffered at the hands of his previous owner he is a calm nice natured animal whom Rosie has taken on as  a foster dog. Here he is on arrival .We have named him Barney and he is an Akita crossed with a collie.In fact I have someone interested in him already and pending a homecheck and them all liking one another, he may be off to pastures new very very soon.
Candy the young labrador  is leaving our care later today, there is no doubt she is a handful and I have been completely truthful with her new owners. If she were to be returned and then have to face going to yet another home, with mine it would be 6 places she has had to adapt to in just 9 months of life.Far too much for a dog to cope with, no wonder she is exciteable.What she needs now is stability and lots of patience shown to her but also she needs training and it will all take time.

Just look at these gorgeous kittens, if we could only have more visitors I am sure they would be snapped up. I am waiting now for 3 more to turn up.They have been born to a stray cat and have been living on a caravan site.Unfortunately one kitten has evaded capture so we have had to leave mum to look after that one.Hopefully they will go into the trap tomorrow? The telephone is constantly ringing for help with stray cats and kittens, many of which are strays or abandoned and it is becoming very stressful to  have to tell people that we simply have no more room .I want to help them all but there is only so much can be done with limited funds and facilities. All our foster homes are full now so we must find some more homes.It is always quiet in July and picks up again mid to the end of August when most people have taken their summer holidays(roll on that time)
Speaking of holidays, I am off for a week (5 days in France and 1 staying with friend in Liverpool)so I will hand over the blog for that time to anyone who offers to help! Maybe Rhian again? I will be back on the 15th energised and raring to go!!!!!

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kim said...

Barney is such a good boy.I collected him today from the vet and hes so adorable.I hope and pray hes adopted soon as im quite taken by him myself xxxxxx