Friday, 22 July 2011

Abandoned Bunnies.

Just a quickie as so busy getting organised for Sundays Big day. Two young rabbits were found abandoned on the side of a road and taken to the Vet so when Roy went to collect the two collies Floss and Megan after their spaying operation, he returned with these two lovely girls.
Wales on Sunday Newspaper contacted me about the high number of unwanted litters of kittens being born and I was more than happy to talk to the reporter about the problemespecially if it results in a few homes. I hear Battersea dog and cats home have a massive influx also, think it is the same everywhere.I cannot understand why the problem is worsening and not improving when nowadays there is so much neutering assistance offered! Could it be that we are becoming a nation overcome with  Apathy? That there are some  for whom, this is extremely low on their list of priorities, who will not be bothered to make appointments for pets to be neutered and go to the trouble of taking them and collecting them? If it was all arranged for them would they agree? I suspect this could be the case but at what cost would it be to have to do this for everybody? Imagine the funding and man power needed!

There are 3 Jack russells coming in from the Dog Pound, Vanesa has offered to foster one and no doubt one will find its way into my home, will ask Rosie to foster the third.She is not in today so will have to ring her. I am sure she will help. I do wish there was a big dog shelter (with a non destruction policy) in this area, when it is down to just Freshfields and Paws(who have a small number of spaces in boarding kennels) there simply is not enough help for these unwanted animals. One of my lottery plans would be to purchase another property away from all neighbours and have a state of the art dog shelter with Vet in attendance, behaviourist and big enclosed fields in which the dogs could run freely and safely. Then there are the neutering clinics and the feral cat enclosed fields with cat houses dotted all over! Oh well Dream on, these are  just some  of the many dreams I have but some I feel sure will come to fruition eventually (maybe not in my lifetime) Positivity is the answer (and a lot of luck and some super super  animal loving ultra rich friends!)

Next blog will be after Open Day. Hope to see many of you there.

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Anonymous said...

Leslie, Freshfields is at the top of my lottery list too. If I ever win a substantial enough amount to make your wish come true, I promise I will do it :)

Keep up the amazing work :)

Debs x