Monday, 25 July 2011

Late addition to Sundays events.

And here is Teddy, from abandoned and disabled pup languishing in a Dog Pound at the age of eight weeks to a dearly beloved pet who walked away with the title of Best Rescued Dog. oh how his fortune has changed!

Also a photo of the wonderful cake donated by supporters for our raffle and to the delight of the staff, the winner , a lady from Anglesey kindly donated it to to them. What a thoughtful gesture. They will all have to work extra hard this week to work off the extra pounds they will have put on ! That is with the exception of superfit Teg who ran the Snowdon race on Saturday and managed it in 1 hour 25 minutes. Up the mountain and down again in this time is no mean feat. I think he is more than entitled to his fair share of fattening cake.

Today there has been interest in Teddy the lurcher  who was at the Open day trying to find adoptive 'parents'. They are going to meet him on thursday so heres hoping that they will all like each other  and a family on holiday who attended the Open Day and briefly met one of the jack russells are returning tomorrow with their own dog to see if they get on together.If we home even a couple of animals it will be good and well  worth all the time put in to advertise them with their stories and photos on our display boards.

Finally Mei is back home and looking very sorry for herself.She has been in work this afternoon  but her face is looking very bruised and no doubt will look even worse in a few days time. Sooner her than me although I have to confess that earlier on in the evening Helper Kim and I were doing the very same thing on the pretend assault course, will we ever grow up? Speaking for myself I have no plans in that direction!

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kim said...

Good luck to Teddy .Hope he finds a forever home .And NO im not ever going to grow up ,i loved messing about after such a great day.Get better soon Mai