Friday, 15 July 2011

Three Ladies Looking For Homes ....

...No not me, Gail and Rosie!!! These are 12 year old Nel and her daughters, 6 year old Megan and Floss.

 Sadly their owner died and his 83 year old mum is unable to care for them. Vicky and I went to visit them today and take some photos. For the time being they will be staying in their home, until we can find them a suitable foster home anyway! All three have only ever lived outside, but I'm sure will adapt very quickly to the comforts of living in a home, lets face it, they all do don't they!!!
Nel and Megan were pretty laid back, and I'm sure both would make wonderful pets. Floss was a lot more active, she has been a working sheepdog and I'm sure she would benefit from an active lifestyle.The girls all need neutering (Depending on health screening for Nel) a dental and some serious de-matting. I've never seen such amazing dreadlocks on dogs before. Though to be fair, they are in good physical condition and their living condition were clean.
Lesley will be back on board later today so I'll now hand the blog back over to her. I'm sorry the posts have been short....but I guess they have also been sweet!!

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kim said...

Thank you For all your blogs and for keeping things ticking over while Lesley was on her jollies xx