Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A Successful Garden Party and Jojo Finds A Home.

It was a definite YES for Jojo, she has gone to her Manchester home and I hear she is making herself quite at home there ,yet another cat homed through the wonderful Catchat website. Both she and the unlucky (but now lucky) Oscar were homed through them.Its a great site for cat lovers and rescues needing homes for their felines.I have found it to be particularly good for homing the more difficult cats.
(Have just counted the number of times i typed the word home or homing!!! I need to use my Thesaurus more)

Honey has been returned and has gone to a temporary foster home(there I go again) in Pwllheli, there is supposed to be someone coming to see her Thursday,I hope they turn up as they sound as though they would be an ideal home (now im becoming really self conscious!)for her.It appears that she is destructive mainly when there is someone with her although when I had her at my home sh(that word again)e was not at all destructive though had a habit of opening doors which proved a bit of a problem(until I had the door handles put on upside down!) Candy the labrador has the same problem  of ripping up cushions when I am in the room with her.It is an attention seeking act, when I leave her she does nothing! I have someone interested in Candy and they are bringing their own dog today to see if the two get on well together.

I have been asked by a blog reader about the connection between anaemia and veganism. I was diagnosed with pernicious anaemia about 12 years ago after 12 months of extreme lethargy and bouts of dizzinessand then my throat became partially paralysed which was very scary but at least it prompted an urgent dash to the doctors surgery for tests. PA Can be caused by a diet defficient in B12 and this can eventually cause the body to fail in its ability to absorb the vitamin.
Once that happens there is no regeneration, injections are needed for the rest of your life.
When I became vegan there were hardly any products on the market which contained B12 - nowadays, every carton of soya milk has this in its ingredients and my diet was not a good one .There is no reason for anyone becoming vegan to suffer from PA, all that is necessary is a good well balanced diet. The other reason is that it can be genetic, and in my case I suspect that is what caused mine.My brother had Leukaemia and my sister thyroid problems so it is just as likely this was a weakness in our family. I hope this explains it satisfactorily

Now to the Garden Open Day, it was a lovely day, the sun shone all day and everybody had   a lovely time enjoying Catherine and Stewarts fantastic gardens . There was plentiful food and refreshments, lots of dog owners arrived with their pets and Mei and I did quite well on the FreshfieldS Stall.Altogether the magificent sum of £1,260 was raised, a record so far I believe. Catherine puts so much effort into this event and it is good to know that all her hard work paid off so well.
Ember and Fred shetland ponies have gone off to their new home, they were easy to box and travelled well.I am sure they will be well loved and I look forward to hearing about them soon. Today another person is looking at our shetlands, they want a companion for their horse. Heather and Paddy are the next ponies we would like to see leave us - I mean that in the nicest possible way! They are too young and healthy to live here permanently and it would be nice if they could once more have the benefits of a private home one day.See Mother and son here.Paddy on the left was just 2 weeks old when he was admitted here when their owner died tragically.He is about 7 years old now  and a real character.

Everyone knows how I feel about animals being given away on free sites online.Well there was a 30 years old mare being offered!!!! I emailed the owner immediately but received no reply. One of the free sites eventually responded to my compaints and it was so infuriating and patronising, apart from justifying their decision to allow pets to be included in this form of advertising they also suggested that if we were that bothered we should contact the owners and offer to take the pets. Well actually both my friend and I have done so on numerous occasions and have not had a response.One such person had a 10 years old cat, she also placed an ad on our facebook page(which is not allowed) stating that I  had said I had no room so what else could she do?
I did not have room at the time but since then I have telephoned her to say the cat could come in and she has not bothered to answer my messages.\This is what we are up against. I understand that some people are desperately seeking homes for their pets but surely it is better to wait (and most are able to do so if the truth was known) for a place at a reputable animal shelter than to give a pet away to a total stranger who may or may not want the animal for the right reasons and could give a false address.

I must go nowto collect three cats which have been neutered this morning, even the drive to the Vet surgery is a pleasure here, the views everywhere are so stunning.Although I still have my roots planted firmly in Liverpool soil, it has to be said that a drive to Orrell Park is not quite as scenic as the one I am about to take to Pwllheli! Its like being on permanent holiday(apart from the work!)

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